Blu Jam Café credits Heartland Payroll’s streamlined systems and dedicated support for the company’s continued growth

Blu Jam Cafe

It began as an idea between friends. Kamil Majer and David Fris imagined a laid-back Hollywood café that would boast local, organic ingredients at affordable prices.

Almost 14 years and seven locations later, Blu Jam Café is on the rise with no intentions of stopping, says Jay Perrin, director of operations and a 35-year restaurant veteran.

So, what does this mean for the prosperous café? Simplification of payroll and process is an absolute must.

To facilitate the cafe’s growth, Perrin removed payroll control from Blu Jam’s corporate headquarters and delegated it to his general managers at their individual locations. This move also called for more personalized support.

“We know we have someone that’s going to be there to answer our questions. So, we’ve now simplified our process immensely,” explains Perrin.

Heather Gledhill, a Heartland Payroll specialist described by Perrin as a mentor with a very human approach, plays a large role in the café’s satisfaction.

Unlike larger competitors that offer a one-size-fits-all solution, Heartland allows business owners to tailor-make their payroll operations. Heather helped customize the way Blu Jam Café processed its payroll—shrinking what was a six-day process down to one. Plus, she’s always there when it needs her.

“She responds immediately—within minutes—to any questions I’ve ever had,” says Jennell Johnson, general manager of the chain’s Sherman Oaks location.

Perrin added that if Heather isn’t at her desk, she always lets him know why. And usually, within the hour, he receives a reply from someone on her team.

“It’s that communication that gives me a sense of trust and faith in the product,” he states.

Scalability and a trusted resource are indispensable to a restaurant on the rise. With locations planned all over the country, Perrin is assured knowing his Heartland representatives can meet the compliance needs of any U.S. state.

“When I sat back and I looked at Heartland, I saw all of those components. With the [Heartland Hire] feature we’ve simplified recruiting ... and as soon as we make a hire we’re given an employee number which goes directly into our POS system.

I don’t even know how to express the trust and faith that [Heartland] gives us in terms of our desire to grow … Having one team that stays with you regardless of where you are in the country and understands your business ... I don’t feel like I would get that anywhere else.
Jay Perrin, Director of Operations, Blu Jam Cafe
Jay Perrin
Director of Operations, Blu Jam Café

“I don’t even know how to express the trust and faith that a system like [Heartland’s] gives us in terms of our desire to grow,” he says

Additionally, both Perrin and Johnson credit Heartland’s simplified systems and personal assistance with actively supporting the work-life balance and employee satisfaction goals at Blu Jam Café.

“I absolutely love Heartland. It makes my job easier, it makes even my personal life better because I get home to my son faster,” says Johnson.

“The more I got to know [Heartland], the more I realized that the two brands were perfectly aligned with one another—and we’d found a home,” Perrin concludes.

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