How The Social Order worked with Heartland to build a scalable payroll and hiring system that’s served their growing business since 2003

Brian Bogert and Manny Leclercq ran into a problem many entrepreneurs have faced shortly after opening their first restaurant in 2003.

They’d started entering hours into a spreadsheet for payroll, but knew that method could never last if their company grew the way they planned.

Even worse, they were also stuck manually entering payroll and hiring data into their hiring and onboarding application.

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Once they expanded to additional locations, they could see hours going down the drain...but they didn’t want to overcorrect and end up with an expensive, overwhelming software solution.

They had a short, but non-negotiable wishlist:

  • Eliminating data reentry
  • Placing each location’s general manager in charge of payroll
  • Having a high-level view of it all so they could focus on growing the business

“Heartland certainly was able to hold our hand as we learned what was best for our business. It was so seamless. We really just made one call and everything was up and running.”

- Manny Leclercq | Co-Founder of The Social Order

Read the full case study here, or watch the video to learn how Heartland helped The Social Order meet these challenges head-on and grow into a thriving 10-location dining group.

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Bigger Business. Bigger Payroll challenges.
Bigger business. Bigger payroll challenges.

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See how using on-demand services can give you a competitive advantage.