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Free yourself from the back-office grind with a full-service payroll, time and attendance and human resources solution. You can streamline operations, unify your employee data in a cloud-based system and count on expert customer support that’s just a call or email away.

Small business owner checks her upcoming payroll run on an iPad

See how The Social Order worked with Heartland to build a scalable payroll and onboarding solution that’s served their business since 2003

Compare Payroll+ plans

Put powerful payroll management tools to work for your business needs. Plans starting at $89 per month.

Hire-to-retire people management tools

Build better teams and your bottom line

Ask candidates questions and filter by their responses to narrow down your hiring pool and see their estimated tax credit value (if eligible).

Streamline employee onboarding

Onboard new hires online before their first day. Send a custom onboarding packet to collect direct deposit information, tax forms and more.

Control employee labor costs

Track employee labor online so you’re never surprised by unexpected overages. Run reports and view costs from any internet-enabled device.

Create smarter schedules

Review estimated overtime costs, employee information like time off and make changes fast with our drag-and-drop employee scheduling tool.

Manage core HR requirements

Stay on top of state and federal business laws without hiring an in-house team. Our HR solution offers on-demand resources and advice.

Make better decisions with data

Use employee data ranging from benefits administration to time tracking to make strategic workforce management decisions with confidence.

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ADEP trusts Heartland to manage HR processes, from performance reviews to payroll taxes, so they can focus on what they do best: breaking concrete and building an impenetrable company culture.

Payroll+ HR software FAQs

HR and payroll software helps small business owners like you distribute employee payroll and benefits, pay taxes and manage HR tasks. It automates back-office processes, eliminating repetitive work to save business owners valuable time and effort.

Payroll systems and HR software funnel your employee data into a single cloud-based system. You can access the software anytime, anywhere, making it easy to monitor onboarding, link direct deposit bank accounts, approve or deny PTO requests, pull payroll reports, manage employee benefits and so much more.

The benefits go beyond basic payroll. Business owners use payroll and HR software to save time on administrative work while reducing manual data entry errors. Small business payroll solutions can simplify talent management, improving the employee experience with features like digital onboarding. Business owners also rely on technology to stay on top of tax compliance, or use a human resources add-on to manage labor law requirements.

Pricing for HR and payroll software depends on the functionality you select and the number of employees you have. Generally, small business owners can expect to pay a monthly base fee plus any add-on costs for the payroll and HR software of their choice.

Yes. Most payroll and HR software is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive to navigate. Some providers offer mobile apps for employee self-service to submit requests and review previous pay data. Managers get notified when time off and shift swap requests come in and can approve or deny from their phones.

There’s no right answer — it all depends on your business’ unique needs. It’s worth considering the capabilities any payroll and HR software has in the following areas:

  • Automated payroll processing
  • HR compliance
  • Time and attendance
  • Recruiting and hiring
  • Benefits management
  • Performance management

Yes. Many payroll software solutions streamline your processes and cut down on manual data entry by offering integrations with software you may already use for accounting, applicant tracking, time tracking, etc. like Quickbooks Online.

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