Introducing Scan to Pay for Heartland Restaurant

Contactless restaurant payments—well done.

It’s never been a more important time to offer touchless payment alternatives. Heartland Restaurant’s new Scan to Pay solution provides necessary and simple-to-use technology, which helps restaurateurs provide a safer dining experience, while also letting patrons pay their bill quickly and securely.

Let your customers know their well-being is your top priority by giving them multiple ways to check out. Our Scan to Pay solution works seamlessly with credit card scan, pay by link and Apple Pay.

Heartland Restaurant’s Scan to Pay offering is:


No need for servers to handle card info.

Data transferred via QR codes is encrypted.

Card numbers are never stored.

Easy to use

No expensive software or hardware upgrades.

Doesn’t require an app download to use.

Consumers can pay from their devices.


Allows dine-in guests control over their checkout experience.

Takeout patrons can order ahead and pay directly from a “to-go” counter.

How it works

Whether using credit card scan, pay by link or Apple Pay, each feature offers a quick, secure and safe way to complete transactions—for you, your employees and your customers.

Credit card scan

  1. Your customer scans the QR code on their receipt.
  2. A “Your Order” webpage appears on their device.
  3. They scan their credit card and add a tip amount.
There’s no need to buy expensive processing terminals which would need to be cleaned and upgraded. Plus, I can process 1 to 100 payments without ever taking a physical card.
I save so much time—I don’t have to wait in line to use a POS during busy hours. The credit card scan function also reduces errors like forgotten or mixed-up physical cards.
Not only does my card info stay private, but my receipt is emailed to me directly. The tip calculator makes it easy to know what I owe—and being able to tip without my server present eliminates awkward encounters.

Pay by link

  1. Your customer provides their phone number.
  2. The server enters it into the system.
  3. Your customer receives a text message with a link to pay.
  4. The link takes them to the “Your Order” webpage.
I can take a payment wherever I am—I don’t even have to type credit card numbers manually. I’m paid instantly. I can even make a deposit in real time.
I like offering a paperless solution that’s easy for customers. Happier customers lead to better tips.
It’s so simple I don’t even have to think about it. I click the link and I’m immediately taken to a checkout page.

Apple Pay

Any Apple phone user with Apple Wallet can make a payment quickly using facial recognition, fingerprint or access code.

  1. Your customer scans the QR code on their receipt.
  2. A “Your Order” webpage appears on their device.
I can offer this feature without signing up for any new services and it comes included with my Heartland processing.
I enjoy offering customers the simplest way to pay.
Apple Pay is designed with my security and privacy in mind. Since I already use it, it’s the easiest and most familiar way for me to pay. I like not needing to recall my card number.

In addition to giving discreet and contemporary payment choices, Heartland Restaurant’s Scan to Pay solution is free for existing customers who process with us.*

Contactless payment options can improve consumer experiences and trust—they know their well-being is your top priority.

Ready to take your business to the next level with Heartland’s Scan to Pay solution? Our reliable, U.S.-based team of customer service reps is here to help.

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*The pay by link function requires a separate SMS subscription.