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The takeaway? Time for Heartland Restaurant streamlines your operations.

Restaurants can be hectic and chaotic, with many moving parts. And with customer satisfaction an ever-present priority, staff management is the last thing you want to worry about. Disjointed legacy systems often require an extensive amount of back-office work—and can leave your business vulnerable to error.

Deliver ever-better customer experiences, improve employee productivity, reduce mistakes and streamline operations by connecting modern, cloud-based POS and Payroll through the integration of Time for Heartland Restaurant.

Our newest software solution that tracks time worked, employee earnings, scheduling and PTO, Time for Heartland Restaurant can simplify your process and handle compliance details like automatically accruing time for employees in states with mandated sick leave programs.

Schedule and manage with confidence

No more relying on sticky notes to stay on top of things. Your employees can download the Heartland Time mobile app to easily view:
  • Open shifts
  • PTO
  • Request changes
  • Schedules—and more!
Punching in just got an upgrade. Time for Heartland Restaurant supports pin-punch, iPad and facial recognition, which allows for greater accuracy and eliminates “buddy punching.” Additionally, our geo-fencing capabilities let you reject punches based on specific location parameters, ensuring workers are on-site in order to clock in.

A live dashboard allows your management staff to view real-time data like:
  • Who’s running late
  • What time sheets need to be approved
  • Staff that’s currently on the clock

Track money with ease

With Time for Heartland Restaurant, all cash and credit card tips entered into Heartland Restaurant are automatically communicated to Payroll, reducing the risk of human error, lowering administrative costs, saving valuable time and even giving employees instant visibility into their earnings via the mobile app.

Integration and compliance made simple

Time for Heartland Restaurant integrates seamlessly with Heartland Restaurant, Payroll or both. So, there’s never any duplicated work or manual entry necessary. This seamless integration means:
  • Your staff can update their information in Heartland Payroll, and changes will automatically be saved across platforms.
  • You can review and approve timecards, then transfer hours from Heartland Time to Heartland Payroll—with just one click.
  • Shift data will stay in sync between Heartland Restaurant and Heartland Time.

It’s more important than ever for restaurants to modernize, simplify and streamline their systems.

Now, with Time for Heartland Restaurant, you can manage your entire staff—seamlessly—from the first shift to the last payroll, all while staying compliant with local labor laws. And with Heartland’s reliable, U.S.-based team of customer service reps, we’re here to help make your integration an easy one.

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