6 Tips for Doing All-Day Breakfast Right

Monday, June 29, 2020
Breakfast is delicious at any time of day. Just ask the 7 out of 10 consumers surveyed by the National Restaurant Association who wish restaurants served breakfast all day. The more difficult task is figuring out what kind of breakfast experience they’re looking for. Many commuters grab a small snack from home or at a quick-service restaurant to inhale during their drive or at their desk. Research from NPD shows that millennials with kids want convenience, while those without kids enjoy sitting down to enjoy a leisurely meal. Whatever your customer demographics are, there are steps you should take before jumping into the breakfast game. Here are six things to consider before you make the change.

1. Start small.

Each breakfast item you add to the menu has the potential to replace orders for higher-profit items. Think carefully about what types of entrees to add, and what your food costs and profits will be on each dish. Test the waters by adding one or two breakfast options for lunch and dinner and see how it goes. You can even start with a weekly special to gauge interest in breakfast foods outside normal breakfast hours.

2. Start simple.

Don’t just start small. Start simple. One of the easiest ways to test out all-day breakfast is to add elements of breakfast to your existing menu. For example, if you own a pizzeria, give customers the option of adding an egg on top of their pizza. If you own a sandwich shop, invite them to customize their own egg sandwiches. Instant brunch!

3. Offer globally-inspired choices.

Kalsec analyzed 20 food trend prediction lists from top industry sources to measure the frequency of each, determining meta trends for 2020. Dominating the list were region-specific global flavors. Consider offering breakfast tacos, customizable crepes, Dutch pancakes, Irish breakfast, etc. Millennials especially enjoy trying new and unique flavors combinations.

4. Improve your drink options.

Every good breakfast needs appealing beverages to accompany it. Most people would agree that soda doesn’t pair well with pancakes. Signature coffees, delicious juices and mimosas or bloody marys (if you’re licensed to serve them) can do a lot to draw a crowd. They’re also great upsell items on any breakfast menu — morning, noon or night.

5. Get creative.

Remember the rib-eye special you ran last night? Those leftover steaks can become premium rib-eye omelettes today. Use what’s in your kitchen to create inventive breakfast specials. An added benefit of serving breakfast all day is customers seeing your dishes on social media in the morning can still order those items at lunch.

6. Make a grab-and-go area.

Provide convenient grab-and-go breakfast options for your customers in a rush. Run a mobile order special that includes coffee and curbside delivery. Inside your store, designate a small refrigerated area with yogurts, power bars, bagels and other morning snacks that they can grab, scan and pay for at a payment kiosk or on their smartphone.

Data tells us that consumer demand for all-day breakfast will only continue to grow. Whether the trend is a fit for your business or not will depend on your kitchen, staff capabilities and business model. If you do decide to get into the breakfast game, we hope these tips help you serve up success for the most important meal of the day.

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