A multi-purpose terminal to freely run your business

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Having the right tools to run your business isn’t just a convenience – it can be the difference between booming and bankrupt. For example, owning a swiss army knife enables you to do lots of things faster and better than a dull butter knife.


Now apply that principle to the way you do business today. Do you manually track inventory with pen and paper? Can you accept digital wallet payments with your current terminal? Are you calculating sales tax on another piece of equipment? Are you handing out written receipts?


Terminal+ is a new all-in-one, Wi-Fi enabled device that’s a terminal, receipt printer, barcode scanner and back office manager for the palm of your hand. It makes running your business a whole lot easier.


Free valuable space on your counter

Connected by Wi-Fi, Terminal+ cuts the cord to become your center of commerce on both sides of the counter. Great for businesses with limited countertop space, it’s an all-in-one device that allows you to freely move about your store to checkout customers and work on back office activities.  


Unbind yourself from inventory management

Say goodbye to the days of manual tracking inventory with pen and paper. With Terminal+, you can throw away inventory binders and automatically track how much stock you have in real time without lifting a finger. The built-in barcode scanner speeds up the checkout and eliminates tracking errors so you never run out of favorites.


A checkout experience that’s liberating

Customers expect a seamless in-store checkout experience. So give it to them with Terminal+.  With a tap, dip or swipe you can securely accept credit, EMV chip, debit and gift cards, as well as Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay. And it’s a welcome surprise when you can meet customers to check them out and provide a receipt on the spot instead of sending them to the counter to pay for purchases.


Sales tax collection that’s not mentally taxing

Keeping track of changing state and local sales tax is a thing of the past. Terminal+ intuitively calculates sales tax on transactions so you stay compliant and get a leg up on filing. 


Protection that puts your mind at ease

Minimizing payment acceptance costs and fraud puts more money in your pocket. Terminal+ transactions are protected by Heartland Secure™, the highest level of credit and debit card security available, to guard your business and your customers’ card information. With that kind of protection, you can sleep better.


Free your business to get more done. Terminal+ is both an elegant and convenient way to run your business from every corner of store. To get more information and request a demo of Terminal+, go to heartland.us/terminal.