Dealership for 2020

By Bill Fultz
Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Buzzwords like automation, self-service, chatbots and artificial intelligence are everywhere in news and social media today. Our customer experience and expectations are quickly being shaped by broader worldwide change. We’ve become socialized to the new normal of business commerce through Amazon, Open Table and just about every other cloud-powered company, and our customers are no different.


We know how to quickly find alternative solutions and companies if we have the slightest friction in our desired experience. The bar is continually being raised with new service choices using modern accessibility. Complicating the technology reseller’s world further is the next generation of business owners entering the market who place less value in face-to-face interactions. They interact with the products and services they want through apps or Google searches. However, with all of this great technology, we still hear age-old woes of poor customer service and the inability to reach a knowledgeable person when it counts. Business owners need a blend of technology and local expertise for personal support. Point of Sale Value-Added Resellers are in a great position to leverage technology while providing the necessary human touch to be successful in the evolving POS world.


Here are just a few of the opportunities that exist for POS VARs in this new world.


Human touch. 

Surprisingly, with all this technology buzzing around in the cloud, you can’t lose focus on the human touch. POS Dealers are in a unique position to offer the proper blend of technology and human expertise business owners need. When done right, this creates a willingness to pay a fair price. Not all customer service needs to be free, but it needs to have value. A POS Dealer’s value can’t be that a business owner happened to use your website to buy a widget.


Stop pushing the button.

An old Saturday Night Live skit had an IT guy played by Jimmy Fallon assisting folks by yelling “move!” and hitting a single key or turning the computer switch on. Customers don’t value this type of service. It may look good on a speed-of-servicing report, but it drives up labor costs and creates customer friction. This is where managed service and mobile device management software come to the rescue. If businesses are interrupted less, it frees up your teams to spend time on revenue-generating activities and helps businesses in areas where true value is demonstrated. It may mean paying more of a premium for technical talent, but you can have more customers served by fewer overall resources.    


Education is good for everyone.

Keeping knowledge from your customers in an effort to show value ended when the Yellow Pages stopped being a viable answer for marketing success. Educating customers goes hand-in-hand with training your own staff. This means cultivating a professional team that is equipped to truly help where customers need it most. The best Dealerships interact and suggest ideas to customers because they understand their technology solutions, and more importantly, how to leverage them generating value. And just like doctors, Dealers need a good bedside manner to go with the knowledge. If customers knew it all, your POS Dealership wouldn’t be necessary. Be thankful to connect the dots for them.  


Don’t ignore your Dealership’s POS system.

Customers need to have the freedom to engage with you through chat, email, call or text. If they want to engage, that’s great! Be cautious about forcing them down a scripted path or adding red tape. Dealerships need to organize these multiple communication options behind the scenes with a solid CRM — the POS system for a Dealership. This is the most important tool you can invest in. There are plenty of solid solutions geared at our industry. Don’t forget that you get what you pay for here.  


Offering both modern technology tools and solid customer support is crucial to be successful in the world of recurring subscriptions. Being able to interact effectively and consistently is the value add your customers are willing to pay for that even the smallest Dealerships can afford to deliver.

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