Don’t Let a Slow EMV Machine Hold Your Business Back

Sunday, March 11, 2018

If you will, take a moment and return to 2015, when EMV chips became the new norm in order to beef up security against cyber criminals. Rather than swiping credit or debit cards, entirely new cards were issued with a unique, data-encrypted chip that allowed consumers to simply insert their card into the terminal machine, punch in a few buttons and go in a matter of seconds.


However, the reality of the process was nothing like what was just described (cue business owners everywhere nodding furiously in agreement).


Instead, the efficiency of businesses across the country came to a screeching halt, causing a clumsy domino effect as customers in countless lines were required to acclimate to a new purchasing process (let’s pause and have a moment of silence for all of the damaged ankles caused by impatient shopping carts) and leaving you to wonder “Is this really the most effective way to combat identity theft?”.


Even today, consumers are stuck waiting for their EMV card to process their transaction much longer than they’d like, leading to awkward conversations at the checkout counter (many of them revolving around how slow the chip readers are), and ultimately slowing down your business. It may not be as disastrous as that first initial switch, but it’s still a pain.


That’s where we come in.


If you’re fed up with your slow EMV chip reader and think about throwing it out a window from time to time, look no further.


At Heartland, we know that not only are the relationships you build with your customers important, but the efficiency it takes to run your business like a well-oiled machine is paramount. Heartland’s EMV chip readers are incredibly fast, cutting transaction time from an average of 11 seconds to 2.5 seconds.


EMV terminals with Heartland’s state-of-the-art software run smoother and quicker, allowing you to process those bargain-hungry customers easily. This is a necessity for quick-service restaurants and other high transaction environments where efficient line throughput is critical. We support hardware from multiple vendors to best support your business’s needs, whatever they may be.


When your customers can get great deals, and spend a minimal amount of time in line, you know that when they leave it won’t be the last time you’ll see them. Plus, our faster transaction times makes things easier for you and your employees, too, which is our number one priority. It’s one of those cool situations where everyone wins, and who doesn’t like that?


For more information on the seamless process for faster EMV chip readers, contact your Heartland sales rep today by clicking here.