Heartland and MenuDrive are serving up new, secure business solutions for merchants

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Heartland and MenuDrive are partnering together to bring their merchants the most secure payments in the industry when it comes to online and mobile ordering.


Since 65 percent of data breaches happen through a point-of-sale terminal or web applications, it’s essential to have the best, innovative and secure solutions in place. Luckily, Heartland is used to the kitchen heat and isn’t going anywhere. The new integration with Heartland allows all MenuDrive customers to process with one of the top payment processors in the U.S. stress-free.


Heartland’s ecommerce solutions provide merchants an extra layer of protection for customers who make purchases from a restaurant’s website or mobile app. What gives this partnership that extra dash of flavor is that there’s no third-party involvement.


A Not-So-Secret Recipe for Success


All transactions are processed directly through Heartland, meaning that the customer simply has to enter their card information and the transactions are automatically protected through data security and an encryption technology (pioneered by Heartland) to protect business owners and their patrons.


How exactly does it work, you ask? Well, during checkout customer information is validated through the ecommerce solution, and the process is halted if any incorrect data is detected. The payment information is then transmitted as an encrypted token, completely removing any sensitive payment data from MenuDrive’s network. The whole process is backed by the Merchant Protection Program, which is included at no additional cost, and allows your business to stay compliant with PCI DSS standards. 


“Heartland has allowed MenuDrive to easily integrate secure payment processing across our platform and seamlessly blend it into our application. We are excited to offer patrons an easy and secure experience when placing online orders,” said vice president of MenuDrive, Aaron Fang.


Don’t let merchant restaurants go unprotected. Heartland provides clients with up-to-date, affordable security tools, while also offering a seamlessly simple way for restaurant clients to take online payments. Get your business processing with Heartland today!