Heartland February Newsletter

Thursday, February 11, 2016
February 2016
Don't Let EMV Chargebacks Cut into Your Profits
Don’t Let EMV Chargebacks Cut into Your Profits
Since the liability shift, businesses of all sizes have seen an increase in chargebacks. We clear up the confusion and explain the EMV rules and best practices to keep fraud from impacting your profits.
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Tackling Your Biggest HR Problems
As business owners, we’ve all been there. One of your employees is acting inappropriately, but you’re not sure how to approach what can be a very sensitive issue. Our HR hero helps you solve the most impossible HR issues. Read more >
How the Checkout Line Can Make or Break a Great Customer Experience
Having a bad payment experience at your business can cause your customers frustration—leaving a lasting impression. This is how you create a quick, easy and positive payment experience that will keep customers coming back.
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A New Scam All Business Owners Need to Recognize
Criminals’ methods to steal your money is constantly evolving. This brand new fraud strategy is hitting merchants hard this year. Learn how you can stop the fraud before it happens.
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Your customers are EMV-ready. Are you?
Heartland Update
Heartland Reports 2015 Fourth Quarter and Full-Year Results

Heartland and National Restaurant Association Host EMV Chargeback Webinar
Industry News
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Tony Robbins’ 4 Secrets to Success (It’s Not About the Money)

Reversing Friendly Fraud Chargebacks
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