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Friday, July 10, 2015

July 2015
EMV Card Terminal
Let’s Talk EMV—Key Questions to Ask
The October liability shift deadline is looming. Do you need to be concerned? Since every business is different, you must consider these factors before making the jump to EMV.
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Minimum Wage Causing Maximum Stress
What you are required to pay your employees may change. No matter which side of the debate you are on, it is important to know how changing minimum wage laws will affect your business. Read More >
Unsecured Wi-Fi is the Unlocked Door 2.0
Hackers are always figuring out new ways to get into your systems. If your business and guest Wi-Fi is left unprotected, you could be giving them easy access to all of your data.
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Why Your Customers Order Online… and Why You Want Them To
Smartphones are changing the expectations of your customers. Learn how mobile ordering can expand the walls of your restaurant, reaching consumers wherever they are.
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Process with Confidence
Industry News
5 Things Mark Cuban and Other Mega-Entrepreneurs Want You to Stop Doing Right Now

New Chip Credit Cards Putting Squeeze on Small Businesses
—Associated Press

Hackers Go After Little Fish, Too, While Trawling for Credit Cards
—The New York Times

Debunking Top 5 Restaurant EMV Myths
—Fast Casual
Heartland Update
At cost of $20M, N.J. man wants to put 1,000 kids through college

From security breach to forerunner

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