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Wednesday, March 16, 2016
March 2016
The Real Cost of a Data Breach [Infographic]
The Real Cost of a Data Breach [Infographic]
Many believe that data security is only a concern for large corporations, but small businesses have become the new favorite target. In many cases, the costs of a data breach are too high to recover from. Here’s how to avoid becoming a data breach statistic.
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Fallbacks Are Making a Comeback
Fallback fraud was a problem of the past… until EMV. Criminals are using old fraud strategies to bypass this new technology, causing merchants to see an increase in chargebacks. Follow these practices to keep fallbacks part of history. Read more >
Top 4 Reasons to Offer a 401(k) Plan at Your Small Business
No business is too small to offer a 401(k) plan. So what’s stopping you from offering this great benefit? Secure the future of your employees—and yours—with the right retirement program. Read more >
Why Your Menu Needs Less Items and More Customization
Restaurants of all sizes are making big changes to their menus to enhance the customer experience. Here are the latest menu trends that have been proving to increase profits for restaurants.
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Mobile pay–are you doing it wrong?
Heartland Update
President Barack Obama Nominates Robert O. Carr to Serve on National Infrastructure Advisory Council

America’s Best 401k Selects Heartland to Provide Payroll, Payments & Lending Solutions for SMBs

Heartland Acquires Beanstalk Data

Heartland, Smart Card Alliance Collaborate to Improve Payments and Data Security
Industry News
EMV Leaves a Poor Taste with More Restaurateurs
—Payments Source

5 Ways Small Business Owners Sabotage Themselves Without Knowing
—Huffington Post

Retail Store vs Ecommerce: A Cost Analysis
—Business 2 Community

Do EMV Chip Cards Protect Online and Phone Purchases?

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