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Tuesday, May 12, 2015
May 2015
By the end of 2015, 70% of credit cards will be EMV.
Simple Guide to the EMV Liability Shift [Infographic]
More than 30 percent of merchants are unaware of the impending liability shift. Learn the who, what and why before the October 2015 deadline.
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Don’t Worry, You Won’t Get Hacked… Just Kidding
You never would close up your business for the night without locking the door. You may even turn on an alarm system. The same care should be given in protecting valuable customer data. Find out how to shut down the hackers. Read More >
Keep Your Money—Avoid Card Disputes
(Part 2)

The Heartland Dispute Department works hard to settle any card issues you may have. Give them a vacation and learn how you can prevent card-not-present related chargebacks.
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How to Take Your Relationship(s) to the Next Level
Your rewards program is like a relationship—determine which ones are the most important for your business. Find out how to craft a program to reinforce your overall brand strategy.
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Why You Want to be Out of Scope
Industry News
Five Simple Steps to Protect Corporate Data

7 Excuses That Will Hold You Back From Success
—The Huffington Post

5 Finance Buzzwords You Actually Need (and Want) to Know
Heartland Update
Heartland and Verifone Renew Alliance; Announce EMV and Encryption Initiative

SMBs to Enjoy Benefits of Bitcoin via Heartland and BitPay

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