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Is mobile payroll right for your business?

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Elevating your payroll process with mobile payroll apps

As small business owners continue to leverage technology and innovation at their place of business, elevating their payroll process is no exception. Full-service payroll functions are now available through mobile devices (whether using an iPhone (iOS) or Android device) and can transform online payroll so it has increased accessibility. Choosing the best payroll mobile app option for your business begins with an understanding of what mobile payroll is and the benefits it can bring to your company.

What is mobile payroll?

Mobile payroll is a self-service technology that allows employees to access payroll functions through their smartphone devices on a mobile application. Employees and employers can access mobile payroll through downloading the correct application via Google Play, an app store, or whatever program their smartphone device offers for application access.

The first mobile payroll application was released in 2010, followed by many additions to features and functions over the last ten years. Common features of mobile payroll include clocking in and out, overall tracking of time and attendance, scheduling, requesting time off, and viewing benefits information. Mobile payroll supports the needs of Human Resources (HR) through integrations that transfer scheduling data into wage calculations and tax filings.

Benefits of mobile payroll

As payroll software continues to offer new payroll features and innovative approaches to benefits administration, mobile payroll is a new type of payroll solution that amplifies the way paychecks and pay stubs are processed. The top benefits of mobile payroll are listed below.

  • Increased workplace efficiency. Running payroll is often a timely process that requires a lot of detail and resources from HR teams. However, when considering the use of a mobile payroll system, hours worked, wages, and other vital items are automatically calculated for employers to process. Check amounts can be updated instantly so that the payroll tax, pay period, and payday information is readily available for viewing by employees and employers alike.
  • Sustainability. With mobile payroll, direct deposit can be completed free of charge, eliminating the need for paper checks. Free direct deposit allows your employees to receive their wages without any hassle while still investing in an automated solution. This way, your employees can spend more of their time on the tasks most important to your business needs. Employees can enter important personal information, contact information, enrollment data, and tax forms upon hire through mobile payroll. During onboarding, employees can ensure this information is correct so that the data is accurate throughout all payroll processing periods.
  • Real-time data. Employers can capture real-time payroll data from their mobile device. For industries that are quickly moving to remote work, this is helpful to gain insight on the hours employees are working, scheduling preferences, and wages paid out in real-time. Mobile payroll applications often include reporting functions for employers to utilize to capture data that informs overall strategic decision-making and positioning for company leaders.
  • Improved employee management. Mobile payroll offers intuitive time tracking solutions built into application access. With timecards able to be reviewed, edited, and managed by employees and employers, time and attendance data is more accurate and easily approved. Additionally, if employees want to submit for paid time off (PTO), they can do so through the app with just a click of a button.

Considerations with mobile payroll

As business owners consider the best payroll option for their company, an issue of frequent concern is with data and security. Fortunately, running payroll on an app versus a computer system poses relatively equal risk as both options run their data through a secure server.

Another common concern is the transition from computer-based systems to mobile systems. With such a move, additional training and support would need to be provided to employees to ensure a smooth shift in operations. Lastly, a consideration for employers thinking about implementing mobile payroll is the pricing of different apps for their services. Regardless of the final decision, it is important for business leaders to consider the benefits of mobile payroll, the considerations for implementation, and what features or functions would most benefit their payroll processing needs.

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