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See how a demo company smashed payroll roadblocks with Heartland

Thursday, January 27, 2022

Like many inspiring entrepreneurs, Kelvin Severino isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty.

Having worked his way from laborer to leadership, he’s now President and CEO of ADEP, a demolition and asbestos abatement company in Boston.

ADEP has completed 1,000+ projects and employs over 200 people. With an organization of that size, Kelvin knew it was time to outsource payroll so he could focus on growth.

Every day is a little different — clearing the way for new construction one day, carefully removing asbestos the next — but their company culture runs deep. Passion, integrity, safety and professionalism are non-negotiable for every ADEP employee.

So you can imagine Kelvin’s disappointment when his business got stuck with a payroll provider who didn’t display any of the values that were so important to his organization.

Instead of timely and transparent communication, the ADEP team was getting the runaround, waiting days and talking to a handful of people before they received a satisfactory answer.

Marionel Garcia, ADEP’s Financial Controller, also remembers, “The biggest problem that we encountered with our previous payroll provider was the attention that they would give our account. We found ourselves constantly struggling to get things turned around.”

It was such a bad experience, they considered returning to handling payroll in-house.

Before they gave up on outsourcing, ADEP considered their needs. Any future partner would have to take the time to understand their business, sweat the details and truly remove the burden of onboarding, payroll and other HR functions.

Beyond that, Kelvin and his team knew they needed a payroll provider who aligned with their core values — a company that would hustle as hard as their staff to provide a great experience.

Thankfully, a Heartland sales rep was on the case.

“We’ve been aggressively growing, so it’s nice to partner up with companies who not only care but can also grow with us. Heartland is definitely that company,” Marionel reflects. “Heartland is a professional organization full of individuals who care and are dedicated team members. They do a great job of making our job easier and making sure that our payroll needs are met.”

Using Onboarding as part of Heartland Hire has made it quick and easy to screen candidates before they’re hired.

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Marionel estimates that integrations with ADEP’s accounting and time tracking software have cut the time they spend getting payroll processed in half.

When a payroll question does come up, the ADEP team just picks up the phone or emails their dedicated payroll specialist for on-the-spot assistance.

When asked to sum it up, Marionel puts it simply. “Heartland helps us take care of our employees the right way.”

Kelvin’s final words of advice to other business owners?

“If you want to focus on what makes you money and what makes you successful in your industry, all I have to say is that you want to use Heartland for payroll services, onboarding, the support, so you can focus on what really makes you money.”

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