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By Andre Nataf
Tuesday, January 28, 2020

It’s times like these that make all of us at Heartland proud of our amazing Dealers who serve as Heartland Dealerships. We support our Dealers in their communities. After all, who better to serve the community’s best interest than those in their communities?


At Heartland, we have always believed in serving local communities with our payroll and payments salespeople, and over the last five years, our local Dealers as well. COVID-19 has shown just how pivotal local restaurant and retail businesses are in our lives, and together, we can help shape a future for these businesses and define the new normal. We want to stand stronger together so we can come back stronger than ever.


Much work has been done in the last 30 days, and as a partner who believes in the value Dealers bring in normal business conditions, it is worth highlighting the extraordinary, superhero-like efforts our Dealers have exhibited under these circumstances:


We Are Inspired by Our Dealer Community

Our Heartland POS Dealer community has led the charge around the country to help local businesses in a variety of ways. In just five weeks, they have collectively helped more than 1,000 businesses stay open and generate revenue.


We Are Adapting to Help

Heartland POS Dealers have helped us drive technology changes to help businesses adjust to digital sales needs. We have implemented free online ordering solution offerings, alternative payment methodologies and modified our Capital program to leverage the CARES Act to help give Dealers and business owners access to PPP and EIDL funds quickly.


Leveraging Our Cloud Solutions

Our Dealers are helping their new and existing customers transform their businesses for the post COVID-19 world. By leveraging our best-in-class cloud POS solutions, Heartland Retail and Heartland Restaurant, Dealers are empowering brick-and-mortar-only operators with eCommerce solutions that modern consumers demand.


We Can Do More Together

We believe that the more we work together now, the brighter the light is at the end of the tunnel. Even now, we are implementing new solutions that support our Dealers as they serve the front lines of business owners affected by COVID-19.

Interested in becoming a Heartland Dealer and joining our effort to support small businesses in your community? Visit