Short on Time? New Heartland Time Payroll Software has you Covered.

Thursday, January 16, 2020

How much time does it take you or your employees to manage time tracking, scheduling and PTO? If you’re like other businesses, these tasks eat up significantly more hours than you’d like.

But it’s not just that these processes are time-consuming; they also require pinpoint accuracy. If handled incorrectly, your business could incur hefty fees or even lawsuits. And with wage regulations changing on a regular basis, even a simple mistake could result in major costs. 

Enter Heartland Time –– a new software solution to smartly track time worked, scheduling and PTO. It helps you save precious time by keeping you compliant while also slashing administrative costs.

More About Heartland Time

Simplified Scheduling
Managing your employees’ schedules is like working on the world’s least fun puzzle. But with Heartland Time, optimizing staffing and managing labor costs becomes intuitive.

Heartland Time’s payroll scheduling feature helps you manage employee shifts using drag-and-drop technology, all while automatically calculating your estimated payroll and overtime expenses.

Your employees can download the Heartland Time mobile app to conveniently view open shifts, request shift changes, get access to schedules and tackle a variety of other tasks on-the-go.

Intuitive Time Tracking
Time punches have gotten a major upgrade. Heartland Time supports pin-punch, iPad, facial recognition and GPS technology, all of which can be recorded through desktop or mobile devices. These features offer greater accuracy, with facial recognition that eliminates “buddy punching”. Geo-fencing capabilities let you reject punches based on specific location parameters. 

Not only do you have the freedom to use any of these time-tracking options, you can mix and match based on different employee categories (salaried, part-time, hourly, etc.).

PTO, Simplified
With Heartland Time, you can manage all forms of time off based on your company’s specific rules. Both employees and managers have the ability to quickly pull up real-time views of hours earned, used and available.

Employees can also use their Heartland Time mobile app to request time off, and managers can easily approve or decline requests with a single click.

If you have employees who work in states with mandated sick leave programs and policies, Heartland Time houses the capability to comply with state specific regulations.

Heartland’s team of experts work with you to customize your Heartland Time clock. 

Single sign-on capability and integrated onboarding makes using Heartland Time in conjunction with Heartland Payroll a breeze.

There is no need for duplicated work or manual entry. Whenever employees update their information in Heartland Payroll, those changes will automatically sync in Heartland Time. After you review and approve timecards you can transfer hours from Heartland Time to Heartland Payroll with just one click.

It’s about time someone created a payroll solution to make employee time management simple –– Heartland is proud to be the one to do it. Learn more about the complete Heartland Payroll suite, including Heartland Time, at