Staying Happy and Healthy During Busy Times

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Finding a balance seems next to impossible in today’s society. As business owners, we know your lives are busier than most and it’s important to find stability in what we know to be an ever-changing world. Heartland’s VP of Program Strategy, Mindy Moretti knows a bit about trying to find balance. She shares how she finds a balance for herself, her family and her team to promote happy and healthy lifestyles.

Mindy, a wife and mom of four kids, all of whom are involved in every activity under the sun, is a senior leader at Heartland and clearly has her hands full. However, when you sit down with her, you’d never know it based on the bubbly personality and the excitement she has for what she does. Similar to business owners, Mindy has a lot going on every single day of the week. It’s a non-stop hustle that she works to master with each turn and curveball life throws. When we asked her how she found her balance in life, she responded with some tips that we hope you’ll find helpful.

Good Intentions

You have to start with good intentions. Setting expectations with yourself and those around you is the best place to start. For Mindy, it’s making a point to stop work at a specific time each day. For business owners, it could be as simple as setting aside time to focus on what ignites your fire, taking a walk for 20 minutes every day or following Mindy’s example and stopping work at a specific time certain days of the week. Regardless of the intentions, set them and try your best to stick to them.

Setting Boundaries & Having a Plan

Boundaries are best set by planning your days. Think about your slowest day of the week, then spend a few minutes that day reviewing what’s ahead. Planning your week is a sure-fire way to help manage and meet expectations for yourself, your employees and your customers. When you are mapping out your week, you’ll spot the things you CAN do or what you CAN’T complete for the week. For the things you don’t have time for, it’s allowing you the ability to make adjustments instead of panicking in the moment. It gives you space to react and redefine your schedule.

However, you can’t be so rigid in planning that you don’t account for interruptions. So easily we can be derailed if you don’t allow for the unexpected to unfold. If you can master the planning stage and be okay with the curveballs, it will help you stay on track with your weekly and daily to-dos and ultimately, promote a sense of success amid another busy week.

Give yourself grace

You’re running a business. You’re playing mom, dad, friend, uncle, aunt, cousin, you name it, you’ve worn that hat. The work you do every day matters. Not only to you, but your employees and your customers. Remembering why you started the company in the first place and reflecting on the good is one way to give yourself grace. This especially holds true for those of you who don’t have time to stop and relax for a few hours each week. Taking a moment to step back and recognize everything you have going on and what you’ve accomplished will take weight off your shoulders instantly.

Acknowledge things won’t magically fix themselves

Owning your own business is like being a catcher in a baseball game. You would love a strike down the middle each time because it’s easiest to catch. However, you know that to win curveballs are going to be thrown. When you see a curveball coming in, take time to acknowledge that you cannot snap your fingers and fix everything at once. You have to step back and build a roadmap to success. Find the gaps. Start with the most important or the easiest to resolve, and work through it from there. Finding peace that you have a plan and that you will resolve whatever is thrown your way will ultimately change the way you think about your day and your business.

Happy & Healthy

Finding your balance has a lot to do with you being your most happy and healthy self. At Heartland, we talk a lot about happy & healthy and why it’s essential. It’s making sure we’re in a good mental and physical space to allow us to be our best selves for our customers and our team. Similarly, as business owners, you’re constantly working with customers, employees and coworkers. Taking time to commit to your happiness and health will enhance not only the way you work, but also the way those around you work. It sounds easy, but we know you’re faced with tons of roadblocks to get there. Here are some ways that you can enhance your happiness and health:

  1. Let go of the past - find a way to move forward in the present and future.
  2. Control the things you can control, influence the things you can influence, accept and move on or around the things you cannot.
  3. Take a call or meeting outside on a walk. Don’t lock yourself indoors for everything.
  4. Enjoy a healthy meal as a treat or a new adventure.

Now, how do you help your team be happy and healthy? According to Mindy, It’s not just about physical state, but also their mental state. She helps her team by talking to them about where they are on the physical and mental scale and digs in to see if they are happy with where they are. If they aren't, she works to understand the roadblocks that are standing in their way so that she and her employee can put them at the front of mind and work on removing those roadblocks.

Mindy has seen a lot in her 22 years with Heartland. She’s someone our company appreciates and someone we count on to be a pillar of support with our culture. We hope that you found her tips influential and helpful and that each of you is able to take something away to put back into your business.