The Future Is Now

Wednesday, December 04, 2019

Vince Lombardo might be new to the position of president, but he has been instrumental to Heartland’s success for two decades.  

Lombardo developed, grew and led sales teams all over the country. He knows where Heartland has been and where the company is now. He has a clear map of the road ahead. 

The following is Vince’s overview in his own words and a continuation of our conversation featured in last month’s newsletter.


Where We Are 

“As a business, we have spent the last three years building the foundational blocks around how product, sales and marketing can come together to drive revenue with an approach that puts the customer’s needs at the center.  

“That foundational building time was necessary for the next chapter to come to life. Essentially, it’s accelerating what we can do by bringing these two companies — Heartland and TSYS — together. Had we not spent time building our principles, values, defining our credo and working to understand how those come to life in what we do every day, we probably wouldn’t be at this critical juncture where we can choose to accelerate our results” 

“Separate from the TSYS matter, we have had some senior leadership leave the company along with some reorganization at Heartland. This has been exciting and challenging. The exciting part is that there is a lot of opportunity for people to step up and do more with fresh ideas and concepts. Add in the TSYS element, and we have the ability to bring together two companies that complement one another incredibly well. 

“That should allow a multiple to exist on the factor of acceleration. The businesses can now realize their potential in a way that might not have been possible before the merger. That is true in products that we offer, which will be unmatched in the marketplace. The distribution channels we have will be unmatched by any other processor. The customer base we have and the ability to sell secondary products to that base, which already has a trusted relationship with us, will be second to none. 

“Most importantly, we have a culture that has carried us through some significant events. Our culture withstood a breach in 2008. It withstood a complete change of sales distribution strategy that failed and then had to be rebuilt in 2010. It sustained a sale to a very different competitor in 2016. And it’s been strengthened and fortified in a way that is going to bring great things to the people at TSYS. They are going to know what it feels like to be a Heartlander, and to do things the Heartland way. That is really exciting. 

Where We Are Going

“I want people to feel like they are in an environment where they can live in productive discomfort to become the best version of themselves. I want everyone to understand how they can realize opportunities for themselves and their families, and to live a happy and healthy life as a Heartland employee. I want our people to understand what they are capable of and to feel like they have the support of the business, their peers and their leaders to realize the depth and breadth of their potential. 

“That might sound a little cheesy, but if we focus our energy on how our employees can thrive, they will focus their energy on how our customers can thrive. 

“That’s not to say we aren’t keeping our customers at the center of what we do. But I really want to make the next few years about people at Heartland feeling connected to the company’s mission, vision and each other while feeling like they understand their role in driving the success of our businesses. I want them to know that they will have opportunities to thrive because we are going to support them in doing so. 

“If that’s how people look back and describe these next few years, then I know we will have realized incredible success. The results will come if that’s the environment we create.”