Twelve ways to avoid employee burnout on Black Friday

Tuesday, November 13, 2018


The holidays often bring stress and anxiety. In fact, sixty-nine percent of people complain they don’t have enough time in November and December.  Sixty-nine percent are worried about money. Fifty-one percent are stressed about gift giving.

It’s likely that some of your employees suffer from holiday stress. The symptoms can be headaches, sleep disturbances, exhaustion, declines in productivity, absenteeism, presenteeism, short temper and depression.

With the fast approach of Black Friday - the unofficial kick-off of the start of the shopping season - here are some tips on avoiding employee burnout.  

  1. Offer less demanding schedules.
  2. Offer higher, livable wages.
  3. Offer full-time positions.
  4. Allow for advanced notice of schedule changes, which in turn allows for predictability to schedule child care, doctor’s appointments, or classes while working.
  5. Make sure your seasonal hiring is done well in advance of your busy season.  For example, have extra support hired by October 31 so you can have them trained before Black Friday.
  6. Schedule breaks and time off for your team.
  7. Consider how else you will help your team get through this busy time. What does your team need?
  8. Set some goals. Create a stretch goal. Reward your team’s work on Black Friday.
  9. Stay organized! Stay in front of deadlines. Make sure you know who’s on the schedule. Know what needs to be shipped or delivered.
  10. Acknowledge the extra effort that your team is giving during these increased work hours.
  11. Bring some holiday cheer into the workplace!
  12. Throw a holiday party at the end of it all. Ninety percent of employees would be disappointed if their office holiday party were canceled. So make sure you host that party and celebrate your team!

The holidays can often be a drag for many employees. And for those that work through some of the toughest shopping days of the year, the holidays can be exhausting. Plan ahead, keep your employees on-task with clear expectations, and show them some appreciation for all of their hard work.


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