COVID-19 Customer Response

As the working environments for businesses have shifted, Heartland has mobilized efforts to be a valued partner to our customers and clients in their time of need. It’s easy to say we are entrepreneurs respectfully serving entrepreneurs, but when push comes to shove, how are we actually making a difference?

Direct Payments

We have a fully staffed payment servicing department supporting our customers in a work from home environment.

  • Heartland is offering at cost Mobile Pay (CX2) readers to assist customers with processing in a contactless environment. (A $75 value each)
  • Card brands have postponed the recently communicated changes that were to be effective April 17, 2020. These pass through interchange rates have been pushed back until further notice.
  • Discover On Us has been extended through the end of 2020 to help offset interchange expenses for our merchants.


Heartland Payroll has a fully staffed servicing department, working from home to support our customers.

  • Heartland Payroll will be offering up to 90 days of free payroll processing for all new clients.

Customer Engagement

  • The Heartland Customer Intelligence Program (CIS) has been extend at no cost until further notice.
  • Customer Engagement has provided all customers with an opportunity to benefit from our email marketing solution.



  • As of today, Lendio and Heartland are working closely with the Small Business Administration (SBA) and house and senate majority leaders to be the funding vehicle for the SBA disaster relief loans.
  • As the credit market landscape becomes more clear and liquidity becomes more available, we expect lending criteria to go back to normal standards, but that will take some time. With existing applicants who did not receive funding during the last several weeks, we are ready to re-submit those loan applications once we are confident that approval rates will be restored to normal levels.

WFH Update

All Service contact centers are in full WFH modes and successfully serving our customers. Our deployment and payroll distribution teams are still reporting into their respective locations to ensure continuity for these areas.