Michael Lomonaco | 10 steps to rebound after a setback

On September 11, 2001, Michael Lomonaco was over a hundred stories below Windows on the World, the restaurant where he served as director and executive chef. While running a quick errand in the lobby of 1 World Trade Center, the building began to shake, he was evacuated and his life changed forever.

While (thankfully) not many leaders will face hardship like this, everyone goes through tough times. Subscribe to hear Michael Lomonaco’s hard-won wisdom on how to come back from adversity, even stronger than before.

Rebuilding a business. Rebuilding a life. Michael Lomonaco has more experience at doing so than most. In this video, he shares his journey of fortitude and inner strength. He’ll also impart 10 lessons in resilience all leaders can lean on in times of turmoil.