Caring for our communities

Heartland is committed to creating happy and healthy communities that help keep the people and businesses we care about thriving. We’re proud to partner with nonprofit organizations and serve alongside them in our communities.
A group of volunteers packing goods

Causes we support

Community development

We support organizations that align with Heartland’s values and work to create positive outcomes in the areas we serve.

Inclusion and diversity

We promote diversity, equity, inclusion and kindness in the company, and partner with others doing that work in our communities.

STEAM and education

We champion education and the arts through causes that promote and support the next generation of small business entrepreneurs.

Happy and healthy employees

We work hard to foster an internal culture of caring for our team members’ overall well being. It’s a pillar of The Heartland Way.


Our charitable giving and volunteerism adds up to millions of dollars of support for dozens of organizations, including these:

  • Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits Kentucky Derby Festival Greater Clark County School Foundation