Laundry Payment Systems

Break the cycle of complicated payment solutions. Let your customers pay how they want.  Accept credit cards, debit cards, prepaid laundry cards, and even NFC.

Cashless Payment Systems

With Heartland’s cashless payment systems, you can add innovation and simplicity to your laundry business. Our SmartCard and WaveRider secure laundry card systems enhance your customers’ laundromat experience while driving down your costs. Plus, you can track customer transaction history, implement loyalty programs, and minimize theft and vandalism. Whether you accept payments using the Internet and/or text messaging or process cash and credit/debit transactions onsite, it’s convenient for customers and economical for you.

More payment options mean more profits

Whether you’re operating a large-scale commercial laundry business or have a handful of coin laundry washers and dryers in multi-housing areas, offering payment options beyond quarters can open a new world of revenue opportunities. Change machines and coin boxes represent a hassle for laundromat owners and customers. Change machine out of order? That’s a day of lost revenue while washers and dryers sit idle. Bringing your laundry equipment into the 21st century with credit card readers, contactless payment methods, mobile payments, and mobile wallets like Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay open the laundry room to everyone.

Manage your laundromat business in real time

Heartland laundry payment systems can help you keep up to date with critical aspects of your business in real time. Get notifications on laundry machine usage, change pricing on washers and dryers, track the activity on loyalty cards, and even send automatic messages for maintenance issues. Laundromat owners aren’t the only ones to benefit; customers can get text notifications about machine availability and when their loads are done.


24/7 Support

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Heartland protects you and your customers from fraud and breaches by encrypting credit card data as soon as it enters the reader. Data is securely passed to Heartland and never stored on your mobile device to minimize risk.

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