Instant deposit

Instant Deposits: Get your money in
seconds, not days.

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With conventional funding rules and cutoff windows, it could take up to three days for a deposit to reach your bank account.

Instant Deposit gives you access to the money you earned in seconds, not days. Because when you need cash to buy equipment or pay employees, time is everything.

Lightning-fast transfers

Never get caught short again. When you batch out using instant deposits, the money’s available in your checking account within seconds.

Recurring instant deposit transfers

Schedule recurring deposits, and we’ll transfer the money to your checking account automatically after the close of business.

Flexible scheduling

Turn Instant Deposit on or off. There’s no obligation and certainly no pressure to continue. Transfer up to $10,000 per request as often as you like.

It works on weekends and holidays

Instant Deposit is available 365 days of the year, including weekends and holidays.