The payment processing customers want

In-person or online, tableside or contactless, accept all the ways customers want to pay and provide a consistent checkout experience that keeps them coming back.

A coffee shop barista takes a customer payment using a Heartland point of sale system. The customer smiles at the barista as they wait for payment.

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Accept all payment processing methods
Take any payment including online payments, ACH, payment gateways, credit and debit cards, digital wallets like Apple Pay, PayPal and more.

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Take payments on any device
Mix and match devices so customers can pay wherever they are — card reader, POS system, mobile device, and virtual terminal.

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Get paid faster without pesky paperwork
Save time, money and get paid faster with electronic billing and invoicing with accounting sync.

Flexible payment options for small business

Two small business owners wearing aprons review the business statements for their cafe.
Security and fraud protection

Protect card data and maintain PCI compliance with tokenization and end-to-end encryption paired with EMV-enabled hardware.

A man sits in a chair with a laptop computer on his lap with a cellphone in his hand, talking with Heartland’s 24/7 customer service.
Always-on customer support

Get expert, 24/7 customer service from knowledgeable support reps based in the US.

A man wearing glasses and a denim button-up shirt holds a tablet, where he’s using his hand to swipe to read content.
Same day, next-day and instant funding

Stop waiting several business days for credit card transaction deposits to hit the bank account. Get your money instantly, same-day or next-day.

A woman takes a contactless payment with a cell phone in one hand and a credit card in another.
Chargeback management

Save time with intelligent dispute response. Compile and link chargeback defense evidence for card networks in a few clicks.

A female customer smiles as she hands a barista her credit card.
Surcharge program

Offset the costs of credit card processing fees through an automatic card-brand-approved transaction fee.

A plant store owner uses a Heartland Register to take the payment of a customer who is purchasing a succulent planter.
Fast transactions with outage protection

Depend on minimal downtime, speedy transactions and offline processing.

Functionality to build your business

Data Security in Fintech1
Fintech security for small businesses

Protecting customer card information isn’t just the right thing to do — it’s part of your merchant agreement with card networks. We'll walk you through everything you need to know.

Payment processing FAQ

No doubt about it, payment processing is complex. We’ve answered frequently asked questions based on the MBOR to re-affirm your rights to transparency, competitive pricing from payment service providers.

Mobile Phone and Bank Header Graphic
Beginner’s guide to credit card transaction lifecycle

Card issuing banks, payment processing companies, merchant banks… there’s a lot of players. Learn about all the different entities and steps in a credit card transaction.

Make payment processing work for you

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