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Take payments whenever, wherever

Onsite, online or on the go, never miss another sale with a scalable, secure platform that allows you to take payments wherever your business takes you.

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Let in-person buyers tap, dip or swipe their favorite payment method. Mobile phone, tablet, laptop, terminal or POS system — select a new payment device of your choice or integrate our software with your existing hardware solution.

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Accept all the ways your customers want to pay

Getting paid has never been easier. Enjoy fast, flexible processing for the broadest range of payment types, so you can boost sales, satisfy customers and save time.

  • Credit card payments
  • Debit card payments
  • Gift cards
  • Digital wallets
  • Mobile payments
  • QR codes
  • ACH
  • Checks and eChecks
  • Online payments

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Flexible payments tailored to your business

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Grow without constraints

Whether starting up or scaling up, keep moving with future-forward payment solutions designed to fit every business model, from small business to enterprise. Want to open a new location? Reach a broader audience? Diversify your offerings? We have the right tools and human touch to seamlessly support your business as it expands, so you can focus on growth while we handle the complexities.

Power your business growth

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Streamline your operations

With payments built into your applications, it’s easier than ever to get started, get going and scale. Whether it’s your point of sale system, invoicing software, recurring billing payment application or your ecommerce online store — our solutions are designed to work in harmony. The goal? To streamline your workflows and financial operations, giving you all the functionality you need and none of the stress.

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Accept payments your way

We offer a rich selection of user-friendly payment devices that deliver the flexibility you need. From card readers to POS systems, mobile options and more, with Heartland you can mix and match devices so customers can pay wherever they are. Card not present? No problem. Turn any of our devices into a virtual terminal for secure processing.

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Pick the price that’s right

Take your pick of flexible pricing models designed to fit your budget. Our transparent pricing structures eliminate confusion, so you can understand your payment processing costs and budget for the future. Flat rate pricing gives you the same simple rate across all transaction types. Or go with interchange plus pricing and pay rates specific to each transaction.

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Get paid on your schedule

Forget waiting several business days to get your money. You deserve a payment processor that deposits transactions in your bank account instantly, same day or next day.* Improve cash flow with funding that never stops — say goodbye to cutoff windows and count on getting your money 365 days a year, including weekends and holidays.

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Contactless payment options customers will love

Contactless payments aren’t just nice to have. They’re a must-have if you want to deliver convenient customer experiences they’ll come back for. There’s never been a better time to invest in a modern payment solution that lets you run contactless payments via card, mobile wallet, watch or whatever’s next.

More than payment processing

Support around the clock

Get access to 24/7/365 knowledgeable customer support from our US based support team. Whenever you have a question, our experts are ready to help.

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Security and fraud protection

Process with peace of mind knowing end-to-end encryption, tokenization and secure EMV technology are working together to protect card data and prevent fraud.

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PCI compliance assistance

Rest easy knowing you don’t have to navigate compliance on your own and your business is equipped with PCI-validated devices, so you can keep processing without a hitch.

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Chargeback management

We deliver dispute and exception management tools to help you minimize losses from chargebacks. That means you’ll safeguard your business and save time and money.

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Stress-free surcharging

Offset your credit card processing costs with our compliant surcharge program that enables you to apply a fee at checkout. Reduced card costs enable you to apply those savings toward growing your business.

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Offline payments

Keep cashing in even when the power goes out. Our offline payments capabilities ensure uninterrupted sales during a power failure or other network disruption.

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Enhanced reporting

You don’t have to operate in the dark — make better decisions with the right data. Get reporting and analytics on transaction sales history, payment history and batching reports.

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Frictionless integration

With simple APIs, a software development toolkit and dedicated support, our payment processing solutions ensure easy setup, and smooth sailing for developers too.

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Payment processing FAQs

Payment processing is a technology businesses use to accept electronic payments from customers. It’s essentially a series of steps that take place behind the scenes when a customer electronically authorizes funds to be transferred from their account to the seller’s account.

Here’s how payment processing works for a credit card transaction:

After a customer makes a purchase via credit/debit card, the payment processor sends an authorization request to the acquirer. The acquirer then routes the transaction request through the issuing bank for approval.

From there, the issuer verifies the transaction is valid, whether the cardholder account has sufficient funds and if the merchant’s account is in good standing. If the transaction is denied, the purchase ends here. If the transaction is approved, the merchant receives authorization and the issuer places a hold for the appropriate amount on the customer’s account.

The acquirer collects the funds from the issuer and deposits them in the merchant’s bank account. The acquirer bills the merchant for all interchange fees and related transaction fees or processing fees. Finally, the cardholder pays the issuer for the purchase, including any interest and fees.

While payment processing touches many parts of the payments ecosystem, three key things happen: 1) The payment gets authorized. 2) The card issuer verifies or authenticates the payment is valid and not fraudulent. 3) The funds get transferred to the acquiring bank in the settlement process and finally get put in the merchant’s bank account.

The purpose of payment processing is to move transaction data through the stages of the card authorization network. This transaction process makes paying and getting paid via non-cash payment methods possible.

There’s no doubt about it: If you’re not accepting card payments, you’re missing out on sales. By accepting credit cards, you open your business up to bigger benefits, including increasing sales, delivering the convenience customers crave, expanding your market, improving cash flow and staying competitive.

PCI DSS compliance is the set of security standards all businesses that accept debit card payments or credit card payments must abide by in order to safeguard cardholder data. These standards are set by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC), which is comprised of card networks, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and JCB International. If you don’t comply, you could be financially liable for the consequences of a data breach and potentially be banned from accepting card payments.

No matter what provider you choose, you deserve to be treated with fairness, transparency and respect. That’s why we created the Merchant Bill of Rights — to help you tell the difference between a provider that has your best interests at heart and one that’s hiding behind smoke and mirrors. From fees to rate structures and so much more, here’s how to pick a payment processor that honors your rights.

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Top 8 misconceptions about merchant services providers

Whether you’re thinking about working with a merchant services provider for the first time or you’re considering a switch, it’s time you got the real story. Read on to discover the top misconceptions about merchant services providers and how to find a good one.

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A crash course in fintech security

As a small business owner, you’re sitting on a goldmine of valuable data. But are you keeping it safe? Read on to learn more about your role in doing so and how partnering with the right fintech provider protects your business and your customers.

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Everything you never knew about payment processing

No doubt about it, payment processing is complex. We’ve answered frequently asked questions based on the Merchant Bill of Rights to reaffirm your rights to transparency and competitive pricing from payment service providers.

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*Merchants on certain processing programs are not eligible for next-day funding; funding may be delayed by Heartland Credit or Risk departments at any time. Not all merchants or transactions will qualify for flat-rate pricing; additional fees may apply. Increases in assessments by card associations may apply. EMV is a registered trademark or trademark of EMVCo LLC in the United States and other countries.