Omnichannel payment solutions

Accept payments in a variety of ways on any device and give customers a seamless experience — online, in person and over the phone.
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Omnichannel payment processing for every business type

Service professionals

Take payments on any device, anywhere customers are. If you provide in-home services or rent a space, we’ve got you covered.


Keep every register ringing by taking credit cards, debit cards and more via an in-store POS system, mobile app and online. Integrations provide increased functionality.


Capture more customers and rev up revenue whether you're serving coffee, haute cuisine or anything in-between.


Collect fees and other charges via multiple payment methods for courts, commissions, taxing entities and utilities.


Make it simple to fill prescriptions and buy items, no matter how customers prefer to fill their shopping carts with a secure payment gateway.


Reach more households and expand checkout options as a local grocer with one location or as a multinational chain. Accept contactless payments with mobile wallets such as Apple Pay with our cutting-edge POS software.

Why Omnichannel Payment Solutions Work

Omnichannel payment processing makes life easier for your customers, employees, and yourself. Here’s how:

  • Improve customer experience - Omnichannel payments let customers pay however they want, so the payment experience is as seamless as possible whether paying cash, card, or using their phone. 

  • Put products in your customers’ hands - Businesses need to leverage omnichannel platforms to account for modern customers’ spending habits. Sell products or book services from your website, an app, or in person with one cohesive system.

  • Increased flexibility - Omnichannel solutions give you flexibility to accept credit card payments online, and adapt new types of payments such as digital wallets or Apple Pay.


With the amount of data shared between businesses and their customers today, leveraging it to improve their experience and drive increased sales is more important than ever. Get a better idea about who your customers are by being available wherever they like to spend with omnichannel payment solutions from Heartland.

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