Customer Intelligence Platform and Analytics Solutions

Leave guests with a lasting impression by leveraging predictive analytics for your business. Whether you’re serving appetizers or servicing appliances, enhance the customer journey with real-time technology from a partner you can trust.

Customer intelligence platform to build your fanbase

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Meet your customers where they are

Deliver a seamless experience in-store, online or on the road, whether customers are buying books or booking appointments.

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Sell more of what they want

Easily identify which items are selling so you can quickly reorder or mark down with POS and customer intelligence software.

Customer intelligence analytics software interface
Accept all the ways customers want to pay

Give them the convenience they crave. With secure options like digital wallets and EMV, you’ll turn more browsers into buyers.

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Create a personalized experience

Use customer intelligence platform data to build relationships based on customer behavior. See customer insights across channels, in a CRM with a holistic view.

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Optimize customer checkout

Take payments quickly and securely at the table, online or at home. You’ll keep your lines moving and appointments efficient.

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Keep them coming back

Foster customer retention with customer loyalty programs, email marketing and our customer intelligence analytics tools.

Point of sale

Provide a seamless omnichannel customer experience, no matter where or how they shop.


Make an impact on customer satisfaction. Collect payments quickly and securely, whether customers are in-store, online or on the go.

Customer intelligence platforms

Employ strategic customer segmentation so you can engage individual customers personally, then track your ROI.

Heartland customer intelligence platform interface on a desktop screen and on a mobile device

Tools for every step

It costs five times more to acquire new customers than it does to keep them. Providing memorable and efficient experiences at every turn is key to customer retention. Our customer engagement SAS technologies reduce churn.

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Turn casual visitors into raving fans

Loyal fans help your business grow by sharing their experience with friends and online. Here’s how to nurture those clients and increase customer lifetime value with customer-centric software solutions.

Digital wallet payment being processed
Make customer interactions contactless

Make buying easier and safer for your customers by using technology with no-contact functionality — so you can continue to connect with your customers wherever they are and keep them coming back.

Use business intelligence to compete

Customer behavior has changed: It's no longer about which business has the lowest pricing. With a customer data platform and automation strategy, it is possible for small stores to compete with big boxes.

Supercharge your customers’ experience

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