Put your POS in the palm of your hand

Turn tables faster, improve order accuracy, increase average ticket and enhance customer experience with fewer server steps and kitchen mistakes. Our all-in-one Mobile Point of Sale (POS) solution serves all restaurant types, from food trucks to fine dining.
A customer making a payment at a table with a credit card on a mobile point of sale device

Deliver a 5-star customer experience every time

A close up of mobile point of sale on a bar top
Turn tables faster with precision

Use our mobile POS system and take orders tableside to increase the rate of service and offer a thoughtful and tailored customer dining experience.

A worker holding a mobile point of sale in a bar
Sync servers and kitchen in real-time

Empower servers to make easy upsell suggestions and timely order modifications for allergies and substitution requests to help kitchen staff avoid remakes.

A customer making a payment via a mobile point of sale device
Manage tableside, curbside and to-go orders

Generate new opportunities for revenue sources through curbside and to-go orders or perfect your current processes.

A worker entering into a mobile point of sale device
Put customer wait times on fast forward

Use Mobile POS to linebust quick-serve counters, send guests waitlist texts, perfectly pace orders with kitchen display prompts, and so much more.

A customer signature on the payment for the tableside payment on a mobile point of sale device
Access your data anywhere through the cloud

Track all of your operations including orders, payments, pricing, inventory management and customer history with secure, real-time visibility.

Rely on durable hardware

Don’t worry about drops, drips or spills. Our rugged mobile device enclosure case protects the iPad mini and is built to last.

Charge on the go

Use the built-in battery extender in the device case to help prolong the life of the device and the iPad.

Use the EMV card reader

Accept all major payment types quickly and securely, including chip cards and NFC contactless payments.

Close up of the mobile point of sale interface

Fast, flexible, secure

Our Mobile POS combines sleek, handheld POS hardware with powerful cloud-based restaurant software so you can increase turn times and average check, reduce back and forth trips to service stations and exceed customers’ expectations.

A restaurant worker taking orders
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Deliver the convenience your staff and customers crave

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