Credit card processing is a must for small business

Only 20% of all payments use cash.1 Get more sales by accepting all the ways customers pay.
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The best credit card processing features

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On-the-go mobile payments

Take mobile payments anywhere with a card reader for your phone. Accept EMV credit and debit cards and digital wallets securely.

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Virtual terminals

Turn any computer into a virtual terminal payments device to securely accept ecommerce online payments. No credit card reader, shopping cart or third-party payment gateway required.

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Bill Pay

Get paid faster with automated paperless billing and invoicing options. Payment processing integrations with accounting software like Quickbooks can save business owners time and headaches.

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Next-day funding and instant deposit

Forget waiting several business days — get credit card transaction deposits in your bank account instantly, same-day or next-day. Instant, same-day funding means never worrying about cutoff windows.

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Gift card programs

Build your brand, reduce payment processing costs and keep customers coming back with gift cards.

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Cost-saving surcharge program

Avoid card brand fines and keep pricing and margins competitive by recouping credit card processing costs from your customers at checkout through a transaction fee.

Why accept credit card payments?

Everything you need to know about payment processing

How credit card transactions work

Every credit card transaction moves through the card network for authorization. Discover all the steps and players involved, from your merchant account to issuing banks.

Which payment methods should I accept?

Aside from Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover, there’s also ACH payments, contactless payments, digital wallets (Apple Pay®, Google Pay) and more.

What are credit card processing fees?

Processing costs vary. Interchange rates affect transaction fees. Merchant services can include additional fees due to high-risk transactions, chargebacks, payment gateways, etc.

Accept payments on any device

Choosing a point of sale provider for a retailer or restaurant? There’s a lot to consider. Learn the value different devices can bring to payment solutions.

What should credit card processors offer?

Not all payment processors are equal. What’s the pricing model? Is there reliable customer support? Is there markup or hidden fees? Every business owner should ask critical questions.

What does credit card processing cost?

There are two popular pricing models: interchange plus pricing and flat-rate pricing. The processing solution and functionality you choose affect what you pay.

Why PCI DSS compliance matters

Maintaining PCI DSS compliance protects against fraud and legal and financial penalties — and may lower processing costs.

Why EMV compliance is important

Following security standards for processing card-present EMV chip cards helps prevent fraud. EMV-enabled POS systems are crucial for compliance and lower interchange fees.

A closeup of someone in an apron looking over reports
How to read a Heartland merchant statement

Merchant statements contain a lot of info about your payment processing costs, monthly fees, chargebacks and more. Reading your statement is a skill — we show you how. Your bank account will thank you.

An image of a POS terminal on a counter
Heartland vs. Square: compare payment processing functionality

We’ve created a detailed comparison between Heartland’s and Square’s payment solutions, POS and payroll offerings for small business owners shopping for credit card processing services.

An illustration of someone holding a credit card with a globe in the background
The merchants’ ultimate guide to credit card issuers

Learn how the card brands, card issuers and credit card network all work so you can make better decisions about the best credit card processing company to partner with. Your bank account will thank you.

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1 The Federal Reserve, “2022 Findings from the Diary of Consumer Payment Choice.”