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It's a good thing you're an expert at
"no one saw this coming" situations.

You shine when you’re going above and beyond in your community, creating the experiences people need to pull through difficult times. No matter the challenge, you’ve always persevered. We’re here to make sure it stays that way.

"I'm a strong believer in once you trust someone and feel that support that it's almost a no-brainer to step into a one stop shop- and that's what Heartland offers."

- Auto Spa Car Wash

"Heartland has been so transparent, and it makes for a smooth and open and honest relationship, and we feel like it’s something that we can trust."

- Bun Mee

A Relationship That Lasts

- North Side Pub & Grill

- Bun Mee

- Blu Jam

"Heartland is a great partner to have for the business that I have now, but also for the ones I want to start in the future. It’s very comforting to know that I can take them along with me."

- Wrong Iron

"As a business owner, every week is different. The relationship with Heartland has always been very immediate when we need answers to questions. The most valuable part of that was how quickly they got us up and running."

- Carol's Creek

It's your move

Find the right collection for your business and make big things happen.

General Resources

A Guide to No-Contact Commerce

Payment strategies are changing rapidly to meet consumer preferences. Learn how to utilize these contactless technologies to connect with customers no matter the distance between you.

North Side Pub & Grill

This local restaurant is doing more than just surviving. It’s thriving! See how the owners recently built a booming take‐out business using an online ordering and payment system.

Secrets to Securing Customer Loyalty

It’s no mystery why customer engagement is important—loyalty leads to success. Now find out how to keep patrons returning, even when normal life is disrupted.

What You Need to Know about Accepting Payments During COVID‐19

Explore safe payment options that minimize exposure and help drive your business forward. These five solutions are a good place to start.

Solutions for Every Aspect of Your Business


Accept payments anywhere, anytime, on any device—and access funds instantly with rapid authorization and fast funding.

Point of Sale
Point of Sale

Your customers expect a smooth buying experience. Streamline your operations with an all-in-one, cloud-based point-of-sale system.

Customer Engagement
Customer Engagement

There's no better way to turn occasional guests into frequent flyers than with engagement tools that show your true appreciation.


Secure loan terms and rates with one of Heartland’s highly trusted lending partners in as little as 24 to 48 hours.

Payroll Solutions Header

Easily manage your staff's time and attendance, HR administration, payroll, and tax reporting from a single, integrated suite.

Online Payments

Remove the distance between you and your customers by accepting payment online, in-store and on the go.

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