Untether your point of sale system

Serve more customers in more places — curbside, in-store or at a pop-up shop — with Terminal+. This mobile, modern POS system gives you the freedom to run your business better, all from the palm of your hand.
A customer making a mobile payment from a car via a terminal held by a store worker

A POS system in the palm of your hand

A retail worker processing a credit card payment for a customer via a terminal
Elevate the customer experience

Accept all major payment methods — swipe, EMV chip or contactless — and email or print a receipt on the spot.

A retail worker checking on the product details through a terminal
Streamline inventory management

Control expenses and maximize sales using real-time data. The built-in barcode scanner automatically updates stock levels.

A customer making payment through a watch via a terminal
Establish pricing and discounts without hassles

Manage your price points and set up special discounts from the mobile device with just a few clicks.

A close up of heartland credit card terminal
Simplify taxes and tax reporting

Set up, track and manage taxes for accounting procedures. You can also view data and insights right from the terminal.

A women on the phone in front of her laptop
Work with customer service agents, available 24/7

Reach out to our US-based agents when you need assistance. We will answer your call in less than 30 seconds on average.

A customer making a credit card payment via a terminal device
Have peace of mind knowing you’re protected

Receive the highest level of credit card security thanks to three powerful technologies we call Heartland Secure™.

See the screen in any light

Shorten the time it takes to make sales with the intuitive 5-inch touchscreen. The colorful display is easy to read in any environment.

Ring them up and offer receipts

Scan items with the built-in barcode scanner. You can also use the built-in receipt printer or email receipts from the terminal.

Customize payment options

Accept digital wallets, PIN debit and credit cards. Manage cash payments, split payments, and do partial refunds by item.

Heartland terminal interface close up

Features your business needs to succeed

Terminal+ is an in-store point of sale solution that lets you run your business from a single device. It offers better inventory control and reporting than traditional POS terminals or cash registers.

A customer making a payment through a watch via a terminal
Tailored payments technology

Reduce barriers to your business’ growth with a scalable credit card payment system, backed by a suite of flexible financial service technologies for organizations of all shapes and sizes.

A retail worker on the phone in front of a point of sale terminal
The simpler, smarter point of sale

When you’re ready for a full-power POS system, you need Register. With online ordering, inventory management and robust reporting, it pushes the boundaries of cash register functionality

Do more with our Terminal+ POS solution

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