Nonprofit Payment Processing

Heartland has full service solutions for your charity or nonprofit organization to help take fundraising to the next level. Take donations via online transactions, over the phone, ACH payments, or in person. 

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Why Heartland For Nonprofit Payment Processing?

Heartland understands the particular payment processing needs of nonprofits of all types and sizes. Nonprofits need a payment processor that integrates easily into their merchant account while making it effortless for donors to give. Whether it’s a one time debit card donation or setting up recurring credit card payments, functionality is essential. We have special pricing options for nonprofits because we know that every dollar you spend on payment processing services is a dollar you don’t put toward your mission. You can trust Heartland’s commitment to live customer service, collect donations with special nonprofit pricing, and data security that continues to set the gold standard for the industry.

Credit Card Processing for Nonprofits Allows Easy Online Giving

Every day, nonprofits across the country trust Heartland to process the online donations they receive. We provide innovative, PCI compliant secure online donation pages and payment gateways for your organization that make giving fast and easy for your donors. Heartland online payment processing allows your donors to give in whichever way works best for them with multiple payment options. Accept Visa, Discover, American Express, Mastercard, Apple Pay,e-checks, ACH and even multiple currencies. Our special donation processing pricing and discounted rate supports your mission and Heartland has waived all other regular credit card processing fees and transaction fees for nonprofits. It’s our donation to your organization.

Easy Mobile/In-Person Giving

Nonprofits of all sizes need a fast, simple way for their supporters to make donations or purchase event tickets in person. Heartland’s secure mobile device solutions put PCI compliance and donor data first while allowing you and your volunteers to easily accept credit and debit cards. Simplify everything with our reliable security, easy-to-install card readers and downloadable apps. And our nationwide team of neighborhood relationship managers can help you set everything up—and can even provide in-person support at your events.

Gifts by Mail and Phone

Use your Internet-connected PC or device to process donation forms with card information or checks that come in the old fashioned way—by mail or telephone. Our “Virtual Terminal” service replaces old fashioned stand-alone payment systems that require dedicated phone or Ethernet lines. Just connect to our cloud-based secure system and you are ready to go. And you can use it for gifts that are made in person, too.


It’s hard to focus on what matters most if you’re busy processing payroll—or trying to explain your needs to a company that doesn’t understand them. Let Heartland do the heavy lifting for your nonprofit. We understand the nuances of nonprofit merchant services, accounting, and grant/program cost allocation needs. Our full-service payroll and HR services offer security features with reliable solutions you can trust at a fair cost you can afford.

Nonprofit Payment Processing Specialists

Heartland provides dedicated customer support, with a knowledgeable, responsive team. We answer the phone in person, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, we have nonprofit payment processing solution specialists that understand the unique challenges nonprofits face operationally and financially. Nonprofits need a third-party processor with high security standards that handle online donation forms, credit card transactions, process donor information, synchronize with your CRM, and more. We can help you design the fundraising software solutions you need and respond to your specific requests.