Surcharge Payments Online: Accept Credit Cards Without all the Costs

Looking to reduce your operating expenses? If you accept payments online and would like to pass the credit card acceptance fees onto your customers, now you can with Heartland Online Payment Surcharge Program.

Surcharge for Online Payments

What is Surcharge for Online Payments?

It lets you pass the cost of credit card acceptance to your online customers.
Instead of your business paying for a credit card transaction, the cardholder pays.

Calculating Surcharge Fees

Credit card processing fees are removed from the transaction's total amount, including tax and any added surcharges. Here's an example of a $100.00 payment with an added 3.5% surcharge for the credit card processing fee:

  • The total charge to your client’s card is:

    Surcharge calculation graphic
  • If you charge the customer $103.50, the credit card processing fee will be applied to the total payment:

    Surcharge calculation graphic
  • To determine the deposit, subtract the fee from the total payment amount:

    Surcharge calculation graphic
  • Following this example, $100.20 will be deposited into your linked bank account, reducing your credit card processing fee from $3.30 to $0.30

    Surcharge calculation graphic

*This is a sample rate, processing rates may vary

Phone example with surcharge

Built-in Intelligence

Automatically identifies eligible credit cards, then calculates and adds the processing fee to the amount due, resulting in no transaction cost to you.

Reporting and Data

Analytics and reporting provide trends and collection totals, including a breakdown of how much you've saved by adding processing fees at checkout.

Easy Enablement

If you're interested in enabling this surcharge feature, you'll need to integrate it with your Heartland account, or we can help you update your existing integration.

Clear and Compliant

A disclosure with an exact breakdown of charges is visible on the payment form or payment page before payment.

Important Notes About Surcharge

Debit card surcharge rules may vary by state, regulatory, or card network rules. We will let you know if surcharges are permitted in your area and take care of the Card Brand registrations so that you remain 100 percent compliant.

100% Comliant

Applies only to credit card transactions. Does not include other associated processing fees for processing debit or prepaid cards or other associated processing fees. Surcharge is not available in the following states: Colorado, Connecticut, Kansas, Massachusetts, Maine, and Oklahoma. Please note that not all states permit the imposition of a surcharge, and there are limitations and policies that are state-specific. Compliance with state surcharging laws are the responsibility of the merchant.

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