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If your business hasn’t switched to tap and dip with EMV payment technology from swipe and sign payments, it could be costing you money.

Although the EMV liability shift went into effect in October of 2015, nearly one-third of all businesses still haven’t adopted this change. Has your business switched? Although there might be many reasons for staying with the swipe, the risk might be too great not to switch.


Increase Security


Adopting EMV payment technology gives you an extra layer of protection by generating a unique transaction identifier - making a potential breach less valuable to fraudsters. As EMV becomes the standard, adopting it will build loyalty for customers seeking more secure payment processes.

Reduce Fraud

One of the most common consequences of processing non-EMV payments is the chance for fraud, including chargebacks. Fraud costs the average merchant 1.47% of total revenue. EMV payment technology protects your business against fraud as it's virtually impossible to recreate the chip. If your equipment isn't EMV-compatible, fraudulent cards can go undetected.


Increase Customer Satisfaction

Customers want a safer and more convenient option. Available contactless solutions decrease transaction time and are more hygienic for today's environment. Over 35% of Americans say they prefer EMV chip cards to other payment methods. The reason is that 32% perceive it to be more convenient, and 24% believe it to be faster.

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If you are an existing Heartland customer, avoid unnecessary risk and fees by making sure you are encouraging your patrons to choose the chip or tap over swipe! Contact customer support at 888-963-3600 with questions.