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The Story of EMV


The nationwide shift to EMV payment processing—also known as chip or smart cards— began in 2015 with the liability shift, making the party with the least secure technology responsible for chargebacks and fraudulent transactions. Since then, EMV transactions have become a way of life, and consumers have grown more comfortable with the seamless checkout process and security they receive.

The Future of EMV

Major card brands are continuing to push EMV payment processing over swipe. Beginning June 1, 2021, if a merchant has greater than 10% fallback transactions monthly, VISA will be issuing a Non-EMV Fallback fee. If an EMV card is swiped instead of using the EMV chip, a fallback fee of $0.10 will be assessed per transaction.


In addition, with the push for gas stations to comply by June 2021, we are about to take our first full steps into a totally EMV-based world.


At Heartland, remaining vigilant against the consistent threat of fraud is vital to what we do and our industry-leading products offer our processing customers a smooth and secure transaction environment.

Effective April 1st, the Heartland network will assess a Non-EMV Program Fee of $25 per month to all merchants that have in excess of 10% non-EMV transactions as a percentage of total transactions. We will continue to review the percentage of non-EMV transactions on a six-month basis in February and August; if the threshold of non-EMV transactions falls below 10%, the fee will be removed.

All merchants will be assessed a Non-EMV assessment fee of .65% on all non-EMV transactions for the four major card brands.

These fees will not apply to fallback transactions, contactless transactions, and Card Not Present transactions. 

Avoid these fees by making sure you are encouraging your patrons to choose the chip or tap over swipe!

Not EMV-Compliant?

Let us help you upgrade

Heartland POS Conversion Assistance Program

If your POS software is not equipped for EMV payment processing, we will provide financial assistance to cover the upgrade costs up front.

Terms and conditions apply.

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Heartland POS Upgrade Program

We have affordable, monthly subscription pricing for Heartland Register or Terminal+. With no upfront cost or install fees, these devices can often be setup and shipped out within the same day of receiving the request.

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