Meet the local dealers who set Heartland Restaurant POS apart.

Our point-of-sale experts offer …

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Exceptional service—with
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Support whenever and wherever you need it
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More time
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Added value beyond point of sale
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The support you receive can make or break your point-of-sale experience. And Heartland Restaurant only works through local dealers who understand the unique challenges facing your community and your business. They’re perfectly positioned to guide you with local, real-time support for the life of your contract.

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Exceptional service—with true integrity
Icon - Service
“We do what we say we’re going to do. We’re honest and we’re forthcoming. I’d rather walk away from a deal than lie to a customer.”

Bob B.
Heartland Dealer – Concord, California

When asked what restaurateurs get with Heartland Restaurant that they can’t get anywhere else, Bob says, “They’re doing business with somebody that actually cares … They have a partner they can call who won’t leave them without answers.”

Local experts like Bob go out of their way to understand their customers’ goals—and to help achieve them.

“I know what their basic needs are, but I really try to figure out their specific pain points so I can solve for them,” he says.

Restaurant manager having a conversation with chef
Support whenever and wherever you need it
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“If I have to get up at two in the morning to solve a problem, I get up at two in the morning and solve a problem.”

Jeremy C.
Heartland Dealer – Chinchilla, Pennsylvania

Heartland Restaurant Dealer Jeremy works by one guiding principle: customer first.

“We are completely customer-focused, so we spend a whole lot of time working with them and making sure they’re happy,” he says.

A huge part of that is understanding what’s at stake when things go wrong.

“When technology breaks in a restaurant, it can be catastrophic,” says Jeremy. “They say each star in a five-star review is worth 20% of your revenue. So a couple bad reviews could sink you … Having someone who’s able to come out and troubleshoot is invaluable.”

Staff calculating restaurant bill
More time to run your business
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“Our team comes on-site during implementation, so customers get to know and trust us. Your rep may even eat there one night or stop by to talk about how things are going.”

Matt S.
Heartland Dealer – Atlanta, Georgia

Matt spent 10 years working in restaurants, so he understands just how much restaurateurs have on their plates.

“If something goes wrong, you don’t want to stop paying attention to your guests and your staff to figure out what the problem is,” he says. “With us—or any Heartland dealer—you won’t have to.”

Restaurant business meeting
Added value beyond point of sale
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“I’m an ex-restaurant manager. And I still feel like I manage restaurants every day—just from a different perspective—the technology component. I love that.”

Mark B.
Heartland Dealer – Denver, Colorado

“Imagine you’re opening a new restaurant, but you have no idea how you’ll staff it, afford it or be profitable with it,” says Mark. “Wouldn’t it be nice to have professionals actually sitting there with you, helping you plan it? That’s what Heartland delivers. There’s not another company in the point-of-sale world that delivers that.”

Overall, Heartland provides many benefits beyond POS.

“Over the long term, restaurateurs are going to greatly benefit from Heartland compared with third parties that don’t have the integrations, partnerships, financial resources and dealers that Heartland has.”

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Unparalleled industry expertise
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“We have our customers’ best interests at heart, and new technology is good for providing best-of-breed POS systems.”

Tim C.
Heartland Dealer – Jacksonville, Florida

Tim’s family has been in the point-of-sale business for four generations—and their expertise runs deep.

“My grandfather started the business in 1950, selling brass cash registers. My uncle came on during the introduction of the electronic cash register. And I started in 1985 when computers were still running MS-DOS.”

Luckily, he enjoys staying up to date and knowledgeable about all the latest systems, like Heartland Restaurant.

“It's been a fun ride,” Tim says. “I embrace changing technology because things always seem to be getting better.”

Waitress helping table

The bottom line? Heartland Restaurant’s local dealers want to see you and your business succeed. That’s why they go above and beyond what other POS providers offer to bring customers like you the expertise, service and support you need to focus on your core business.

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