Heartland Restaurant helps rail station-themed Wrong Iron get back on track after a bad run with other point-of-sale systems

Wrong Iron

The Wrong Iron beer garden was born from a love of Louisiana living and is inspired by the picturesque Lafitte Greenway where the high-traffic watering hole is located. With a vintage rail station feel, this year-old establishment is a favorite place for LSU and Saints fans to gather and celebrate.

Due to the fast-paced nature of the bustling bar scene, co-owner Rusty White, who also owns two other New Orleans hot spots, decided that it was time to move from a legacy point-of-sale(POS) system to a cloud-based one.

White and his team were tired of the costly manual updates that took the system offline, disrupting business. And the updates too often caused the system to crash, costing them precious time and money.

With a cloud-based POS system, “you’re getting automatic updates all the time—you’re getting the latest version,” says White.

But where making the choice to switch to the cloud seemed to be an easy one, it turns out— picking the right provider was not so simple.

“There’s a lot of them. And a lot of them are new. So, it’s a gamble, isn’t it? That’s a gamble I lost,” White explains.

He continues, “The first one sounded great. The salesman said it could do all kinds of things— until I committed to it. Then I said, ‘Well, I thought it could do this certain function?’ and he said, ‘Well yeah, but I wouldn’t advise it.’”

White was unhappy. Not only did his business have frequent issues with credit card chargeback discrepancies, but the system also kept crashing—which was frustrating to both Wrong Iron’s busy employees and the customers who were ready to cash out.

And without a representative available to remedy these malfunctions, the situation got more stressful by the minute.

“I chose the wrong [POS provider] and we were six months behind where we should have been,” explains White, “until we started with Heartland.”

White was already a happy Heartland Payments customer when he learned about our customizable POS solution and the dedicated team of specialists who come with it. Not only that, but unlike most providers, Heartland also allows customers to use their own POS equipment.

“Another attractive feature of switching to Heartland was that you could use hardware you’d already purchased. So, there was a savings component there as well,” he added.

White credits his Heartland specialist, Ryan Ledger, who he describes as a very patient teacher and cool guy, for a smooth transition that took only one day to implement. “It was so easy,” says White. “We were off and running.”

Heartland Restaurant definitely makes me feel more confident. Anytime I need Ryan, he answers the phone. I don’t have to call a customer service line.
Nick Shultz, General Manager, Wrong Iron Cafe
Nick Shlutz
General Manager, Wrong Iron

“Heartland Restaurant definitely makes me feel more confident. Anytime I need Ryan, he answers the phone. I don’t have to call a customer service line or anything,” says Nick Shultz, Wrong Iron’s general manager.

For White, Heartland’s the best solution for Wrong Iron’s busy business today, but also for his long-term plans.

“Heartland is a great partner to have for the business I have now—but also for the ones I want to start in the future. It’s very comforting to know I can take them along with me,” says White. He adds, “I’m glad I found the right provider. I just wish it would’ve been right from the beginning. You waste a lot of money when you pick the wrong system.”

White is confident Wrong Iron’s partnership with Heartland will be a long-lasting one thanks to our reliable, all-inclusive solution for repurposing existing hardware and exceptional service from dedicated experts.

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