Popular payment types every small business should take

Propel your business with flexible fintech designed to boost sales, satisfy customers and save time

A male employee helps a female customer complete a payment in a coffee shop.
Three icons including a dollar sign, cash and a circle that reads 11%.
Cash is no longer king

Only 11% of in-store payments were paid in cash in 2021.

An icon of a smartphone on the left and a circle icon on the right that reads $11.83 trillion.
Mobile wallets are here to stay

Over 101 million Americans used digital wallets in 2021, and in 2028, the market will reach $11.83 trillion.

Accept all the ways your customers want to pay

A collage of icons including a QR code, a smartphone displaying a grocery cart and text that reads $99.99, a credit card and a dollar sign inside a circle.
80% of transactions will be electronic by 2024, so now’s the time to invest in solutions that let you securely process any method of payment.
An icon of a credit card on the left and an icon that reads 70% on the right.
Cards still reign supreme

In 2021, debit and credit cards accounted for 70% of the market share for POS payment methods.

A circle icon on the left that reads 27% and a QR code icon on the right.
QR code payments are on the rise

In 2024, 27% of digital transactions will use them.

Make it easy to get paid

Accepting more payment types is convenient & profitable

A female employee takes payment from a female customer in a floral boutique.
A coffee shop worker processing customer’s payment
Run transactions on any device

Reduce friction and let customers tap, dip, swipe or divide purchases into several payments with chip cards, mobile wallets, BNPL and more.

Give customers flexibility

Give buyers the choice to pay through a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, terminal or POS system.

Take payments anywhere

Stay compliant with EMV, complete payments in-store, online and on the go and optimize your online store with must-have integrations.

Convenience that keeps customers coming back

An employee places an EMV chip card in a handheld payment terminal.
EMV chip, credit and debit cards

Over 70% of transactions are made with cards, and safety and simplicity are top priorities for card users. Securely process debit and credit cards with ease.

A tablescape featuring a QR code menu for a coffee shop and a smartphone with the phrase “Payment Completed. Thank You.” as well as a cup of black coffee and a pair of sunglasses.
Mobile wallet + QR code

Card-not-present payment options are gaining popularity. Consumers can pay for their purchase with their phones — no purse or billfold required.

A close-up of hands scanning a credit card over a mobile card reader.
Contactless payment solutions to elevate your business

Around 94% of retailers anticipate the use of contactless payments will grow over the next 18 months, making it a good time to invest in technology that supports this payment method.

A close-up of a tattooed customer using a smartphone to scan a QR code.
6 digital payment types for small business success

As payments tech evolves, it’s wise to offer a variety of fast, secure digital payment methods — no matter where your customers are.

A customer completing a payment with a smart watch inside a modern restaurant.
How new payment tech is changing the restaurant industry

Modern restaurant POS payment solutions benefit customers and merchants alike, so don’t skimp on a versatile payment processor.

Accept all the ways to pay

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