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How to pick the right POS system for your dry cleaning business

Sunday, November 02, 2014

As a dry cleaning business owner, you have a mountain of tasks and items to keep up with every day to ensure your business is running smoothly. You need to communicate with customers and employees, keep track of customers’ items, and ensure that basic processes like payroll and credit card payments occur seamlessly. The good news is that POS software can streamline your operations and save you time and money in the process. 

What is a dry cleaning POS system? 

A dry cleaning point of sale system is sales software that allows you to track sales, receive notifications, improve your customer support, and stand out in the dry cleaning industry. Business owners with a single store and multi-store operations are always on the lookout for technology that can make their lives easier. A POS system offers many real-time functions such as credit card processing that can help you do just that. 

POS solutions help dry cleaning businesses with customer relationship management (CRM) and can act as a dispatcher if you offer a delivery service. Your point of sale solution is management software that keeps your dry cleaning business humming along. 

The best POS features for your business 

There are many POS systems available on the market today, and you have many options including mobile apps and POS software that work with your Android or Apple device. 

Other things to consider when choosing a POS are ease of use, workflow, and employee management. Another important consideration for you might also be whether the POS solution is compatible with QuickBooks or other software they are already using. 

User features are what distinguish the various POS software solutions out there. Maybe you know you want your POS to be user-friendly, recognize your barcodes, and work on a specific device, but what other features might be important? Here are a few features to consider for your dry cleaning business when selecting a POS system. 

Secure payment processing

If you take credit cards, you need a POS solution that protects your customers’ information. Whether you ask clients to pay when they drop off items or pick them up, you need credit card processing that's secure and works in real time. 

It's always a good idea to choose a secure payment processing option that works on both Android and iOS platforms. If your dry cleaning business uses an iPad, it's essential that the POS you choose works properly on the device. It’s also helpful to choose a system that sends an SMS as a receipt and allows for text messaging. 

Your POS system needs to offer a level of security that makes your customers feel safe using their credit cards to pay. As part of your email marketing, you can help customers feel more secure by explaining how your POS provides secure payment processing.

Integrated online app that allows customers to track their order

Your customers are more tech savvy than ever, and many of them want to be able to track when their dry cleaning will be ready after they drop it off. The right mobile app can improve customer loyalty by making it a snap to track orders. 
Your dry cleaning POS should offer real-time updates that let customers know when their tailoring is ready or when to expect their dry cleaning delivery. 

It's also essential that your POS solution helps with inventory management, so it's easier for you and the client to keep track of their dry cleaning. It's easy to find an online integrated app, and many customers prefer to use dry cleaning businesses that offer this service. 

Delivery route coordination

Dry cleaning businesses can put themselves ahead of the competition and improve customer loyalty by offering delivery options. If you do offer delivery, your POS should either include a delivery app or work with the delivery app you already use. 

A delivery route coordination feature can help you optimize costs by ensuring that your drivers take the most efficient route and deliver orders in the most efficient order. In addition to reducing expenses, this feature helps ensure customers get their dry cleaning back quickly. Some delivery route coordination features also coordinate with the customer, so the customer knows when someone needs to be home to receive the items. 

Customer communication database

There are a variety of reasons why your business needs a POS with a customer communication database. For example, you can use the POS mobile app to advise customers through SMS about when they can expect their items. You can also use a POS app to build loyalty programs to reward clients for customer loyalty.  

A customer communication database feature can also allow businesses to take advantage of email marketing. This feature makes it easier than ever to reach out to your customers and attempt to build brand loyalty while growing your revenue. 

Inventory management

From cleaning chemicals and inventory tags to coat hangers, dry cleaning businesses have a great deal of inventory to track. Inventory management systems help you ensure that you have all the essentials on hand to run your business. 

Rather than dealing with a glut of dry cleaning software for different tasks, choosing a POS solution that offers inventory management can help save you time and money. POS systems with inventory management systems allow you to track your inventory with each sale without the hassle of opening multiple programs.  


Why you need a POS system built specifically for a dry cleaning business

Many point of sale systems on the market including both general and industry-specific POS solutions. Do you need something specific to the dry cleaning industry or will a general one suffice? 

Most dry cleaning businesses find that choosing a POS designed with your specific business needs in mind is more than worth it when it comes to the time and money they save. Here's a look at a few of the reasons why a POS designed for your dry cleaning business may be the better option.

Benefits of dry cleaning POS software

Dry cleaning POS software helps you keep all of your software needs in one mobile app. You can handle a host of jobs from credit card processing to employee management to inventory management to CRM with one POS solution. 

In addition to the supplies you need to run your business, your inventory includes the personal items of your customers. This makes inventory management essential, and you need a POS system that helps you keep up with all of it. 

You’ll find a POS specifically designed for a dry cleaning business much easier to use than other point of sale systems.

Competitive advantages of using dry cleaning POS software

Dry cleaning POS software makes it easier for you to do your job. Your customers can trust that you offer secure payment processing, and that their credit card information is safe. This type of POS also offers your customers options for receiving receipts through SMS texting. 

The right POS solution can help you with CRM, so you can handle email marketing directly through the platform. It also helps customers track their drying cleaning orders, so your business doesn't have to handle as many calls from customers inquiring about order status, freeing up your employees for other important tasks.

Employee management

Labor costs are a major expense in any business. The last thing you as a business owner wants is to have workers standing around waiting for customers who don't arrive and paying for the unneeded labor. Employee management features on a POS system can help you identify busy periods and slower times, and manage employee schedules accordingly.

Employee management features also help you track the hours your staff works, so you aren't over or underpaying them. This feature also creates and maintains the records you need to comply with federal, state, and local regulations without an extra step. 

The right POS system designed for the dry cleaning industry helps you make the most of your human resources. Employee management features make it a snap to create efficient weekly schedules. When you have the right number of employees at the right time, your customers don't need to wait, which improves customer relationships and reduces expenses.

Equipment management and tracking

When you run a dry cleaning or laundry business, there are many small items that you need to keep on hand. From hangers and tags to plastic bags and cleaning supplies, there are numerous items to keep up with to ensure your business runs smoothly. 

Additionally, your business also has to track the personal items customers bring in for cleaning. Inventory management systems provide you with information about the status and location of customers’ items with a few clicks. 

A good dry cleaning POS system should give you an almost instantaneous look at inventory levels. It should also make it easier to project future needs and keep the inventory you need on hand without wasting space on extra items

Payment processing system

It's essential to have a payment processing system as part of your POS solution that's easy to use and provides outstanding security. You also want a POS system that offers flexibility in the types of payment that it accepts so that your customers have options. 

The payment processing also needs to be user-friendly because not all of your customers have the same level of tech skills. You also don't want your staff handling the customer's credit information any more than is necessary. When you have the right payment processing system, your customers will appreciate your commitment to protecting their financial information.

Sales and revenue management

Your dry cleaning POS should make it easy to manage the relationship between your sales and revenue and offer insight into how your prices are affecting your bottom line. It might be that you can charge a little more to get your revenue back on track.  

The right dry cleaning POS can also help you increase sales through the CRM feature. Through email marketing, you can keep your business in customers’ minds and offer promotions and coupons to entice customers to come in. You might even consider SMS texting to encourage customers to drop off their items for dry cleaning on a slower day.

Quality control

Each day, you're responsible for the quality of your dry cleaning process and the safety of your employees. Also, it's beneficial to ensure that the best practices are used with every piece of dry cleaning that comes through your store. 

The right POS solution helps you ensure quality control, so your customers return for all their dry cleaning needs. When quality control systems are automated, you can devote your time to other matters, such as growing your business. This is essential for any small business, especially one in the dry cleaning industry. 

Ready to find a partner to handle your dry cleaning POS needs? 

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