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How to Pick the Right POS System for Your Nail Salon

Monday, November 17, 2014

Nail salon businesses faced significant obstacles as a result of the pandemic and the many disruptions to business operations that it has caused. For nail salons, the pandemic highlighted the need to leverage technology to tap into new markets and new ways of providing nail and other beauty services to their customers. 

A recent survey found that some of key challenges that nail salons face in the current market include the attraction and retainment of customers, competition with other salons and market saturation, management of business visibility on social media, appointment management, late or no-show customers, and overall marketing and advertising strategy. Nail salon business owners are considering strategies to overcome these obstacles to reach their full business potential. 

Establishing and operating a full-scale nail salon business requires modern approaches to building a customer base and providing quality nail service offerings. As competition increases in the beauty industry, it is essential for nail salon businesses to stand out and attract loyal customers. An important first step towards modernization and streamlining overall business operations is to integrate nail salon POS systems into your business model.

What is a nail salon POS system? 

Recent and modern point of sale (POS) systems are specialized technology tools that provide an innovative user interface and user experience. User needs and experience are critical when adopting a POS system for your nail salon business, which is why you as a business owner should consider a POS system designed specifically for nail salons. 


Nail salon POS software includes important features to keep nail salon businesses running smoothly and effectively. A nail salon POS system may have similarities to POS systems for other business types in that the technology serves as a payment processor and connection to merchant services. However, with nail salon POS systems, users and operators can manage salon-specific inventory, track and schedule appointments, maintain client data, offer online booking, and ensure efficient overall customer management. Best of all, if your business needs additional support in the integration of a POS system, customer support is available and ready to troubleshoot any needs that arise. 


Nail salons that adopt a modern and all-in-one POS system position themselves to increase marketing opportunities, improve customer satisfaction, and streamline inventory management. Nail salon businesses can benefit from a boost in business when they integrate POS systems into day-to-day operations. 

Why you need a POS system built specifically for nail salons

POS systems for nail salons take into account the specific needs of nail salons and the overall beauty industry, including all aspects of full-service operations. A more generalized POS system may not include certain features of nail salon POS systems like appointment management, appointment scheduling, and credit card processing.

For example, general POS systems may have a standardized reservation platform where a customer can reserve their spot for a specific service. In contrast, a POS platform designed specifically for a nail salon provides overall appointment management that allows customers to choose a service package, their preferred technician, and any other additional aspects of their visit that they would like to specify. 
In addition to appointment management features, a nail salon POS system offers employee management features, secure payment processing, inventory management capabilities, sales and revenue reporting, and functionality to improve customer engagement, including a customer rewards program.

Benefits of having the right POS software

Scheduling and appointment booking is essential for a nail salon business’s profitability and growth. When customers miss appointments, nail salons lose expected revenue, which of course hurts your bottom line. Nail salon POS software gives customers a positive user experience that makes it easy to book the services they want. The software’s end-to-end appointment management makes it less likely customers will miss appointments by allowing customers to schedule (or re-schedule when necessary) and select the times and dates that work best for their schedule. Moreover, customers can select the technician of their choice as well as the service type they want. Customers will be confident that they are going to get the service they want and won't have to worry if their experience will be worth the cost. Nail salon POS systems also make it easy for your business to welcome walk-in appointments. 

Nail salon POS platforms also help your business to obtain and keep track of customer information so that you can keep in touch with customers and encourage them to engage with your business in the future. This customer database can offer you key insights into overall business analytics. You can learn about your particular market, understand your target demographics, and easily see your key metrics so that you can better target your marketing efforts. 


Nail salon POS systems also create sales reports, service reports, and overall business productivity reports to help you see what parts of the business are going well and what parts need to be adjusted to meet customer demand. Customer history is available at your fingertips so you can track service frequency, service type, and preferred technicians. Manual processes for accepting payments and setting up customer engagement do not enable this type of data analysis for overall business function and growth. 

As you can see, nail salon POS systems enable highly effective business workflows, give business owners powerful marketing tools, make payment processing easy, and enhance the overall customer experience. 


Employee management

Nail salon POS systems offer features that can support real-time data analytics on employee performance. They have the functionality to manage employee data such as how many services are booked in a given shift. Additionally, managers and business operators can utilize the POS software to manage employee scheduling, track hours, and monitor overall workflows. Because the system can track tips and additional funds allocated from customers, operators can also provide commission-based options for wages. 


In addition to the management tools nail salon POS systems offer business owners, they also have easy-to-use interfaces that employees can use to clock in and clock out. Employees can review their scheduled customers for the day, prepare necessary items for services, and ensure that the salon is ready for customers when they arrive. 

Secure payment processing

The POS hardware is designed to streamline the payment process at every step and includes a card reader for additional equipment support. During the transaction process, customers are able to review charges, add gratuity, and provide card or payment information for a quick transaction. As a benefit, payment processing fees are included in transactions. 


Payment transactions on a good POS platform are safe, easy, and quick. Plus, customers have a variety of payment options including mobile payments, cash, credit, debit PIN transactions, and more. POS nail salon systems can also capture customer information at payment, so you can keep in touch and tell customers about loyalty and rewards programs.


Real-time inventory management 

A major draw for customers at nail salons is the ability to access premier colors and brands for nail care. Nail salon POS systems help business owners track supplies and services over time so that the necessary products and tools are always in stock. For nail salons that have extensive service offerings, inventory management becomes even more essential. With an understanding of what your customer base desires in terms of services, you can hire technicians with specializations and skills that fill the market demand. 

Sales, revenue management, and reporting

POS systems are able to generate real-time reporting of sales and revenue, so that a nail salon owner can review daily, weekly, and monthly performance. Regular access to these metrics allows for nail salon employees to track progress towards overall business operational goals. An added benefit of reporting features on nail salon POS systems is that they can operate on your preferred hardware, whether that’s an iPad or Android device.


The reporting features provided through a POS system help nail salon owners make strategic operational decisions that will benefit the company in the long term. For example, if a report shows a peak in appointments or business at a particular time of day, it may be necessary to adjust business hours or have a certain number of technicians available during this time slot. 

Customer engagement

Nail salon customers want a quality experience at your business, and the product goes beyond a high quality manicure or pedicure. The product is the entire personalized experience. So, in planning for how a customer engages with the nail salon business, it is critical that there are multiple entry points and personalized touches along the way. Nail salon POS systems help and assist with this need from start to finish. 


Using salon POS software allows for customers to engage with the nail salon in a variety of ways. For one, customers can be prompted to leave a review after their visit, which will give your business feedback on customer satisfaction as well as generate a reputation for quality service. 
Additionally, POS systems for nail salons provide the opportunity for automated and highly impactful customer rewards and customer loyalty programs. A customer loyalty management system can track customer visits and provide discounts and incentives depending on the overall engagement strategy of the nail salon. Communications with customers can also integrate with social media platforms, enabling additional marketing strategy and investment to take place. The more presence your nail salon has digitally, the better chance you have to grow your overall customer base. 


Nail salons can also offer gift cards as an additional way to draw customers in for nail care. POS systems make it easy for your business to accept gift cards and use this powerful marketing strategy. Customers can share gift cards to your nail salon with friends, family, and other connections. Gift cards are a stepping stone to a long-term relationship with customers, and a nail salon POS system can ensure this process is as seamless as possible. 

Ready to get the right POS system in place for your salon?

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