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How to pick the right POS system for your pizzeria

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Establishing and operating a full-scale pizzeria requires modern approaches to building a customer base and providing quality pizza products with enticing menu options. Pizza is a food staple in the United States and so keeping up with trends, innovation, and changes in the pizza business is key.

As competition and market saturation increases in the pizza industry, from takeout options, fast casual restaurants, food trucks, and more, it is essential for pizza businesses to modernize and bring in a customer base that is enthusiastic and committed to the brand. One of the most important steps in establishing a strong business base is incorporating modernization into the business model. A major part of modernization includes the addition of pizzeria POS systems for pizza businesses. 

Automating the customer experience with a POS system allows for pizza businesses to focus on what they do best: bringing delicious pizza to their customers with a high quality and level of customer service. Managers and operators can spend their time training their staff and employees to establish a positive company culture instead of being bogged down by paperwork and tasks that previously had to be done manually. POS systems for pizza businesses generate new possibilities for pizza businesses around the country.

What is a pizzeria POS system?

A POS system for a pizza shop is a point of sale system designed for use in pizza business operations. Pizza POS systems can manage mobile ordering, online ordering delivery orders, and overall payment processing. Pizzeria POS systems also enable contactless payments and streamline data used for pizzeria loyalty programs. 


POS systems designed with pizzerias in mind offer full-scale functionality to capture and process the most important data that a pizza restaurant needs. Typically, POS systems in pizza restaurants are cloud-based and functional on a variety of devices. This is good news for the pizza world: in addition to delicious pizza, consumers expect speed and convenience in their overall food experience. 

What are the best POS feature for a pizza businesses?

Pizza delivery has been an established part of pizza restaurant operations for many years. Pizza consumption is common, in fact, Americans on average consume 23 pounds of pizza every year. However, in the past, pizza businesses have had to rely on manual processes to track inventory, order processes, and delivery management. As such, the best feature to utilize on a pizzeria POS is delivery management functions. 

Use of delivery management allows for GPS tracking and integration for customer satisfaction and business efficiency. Delivery management features are able to predict cook time, delivery time, and important data points for delivery drivers to use while bringing the order to customers. Coordination of delivery times, needs, and orders is especially important for a pizza business that is fulfilling a multitude of orders for a variety of customer destinations. Delivery management includes a lot of complex data points that POS systems can process quickly and efficiently to support your daily goals and performance metrics. 

Why do you need a POS system built specifically for pizzerias? 

POS systems for pizza shops take into account the specific needs of pizzerias, including all aspects of full-service operations. Many of these pizzeria POS systems offer remote management where sales and employee activity data can be accessed through a web browser. For pizza operators with multiple franchises or locations, remote management can be helpful to generate productivity at various sites. 


A more generalized POS system may not include the customizable aspects of pizza point of sale systems, including menu flexibility, custom orders, table side service data, and takeout order features. For example, with table side service, pizzeria POS systems can showcase your floor plan layout digitally -- exactly how it is in person. Tables can be shifted around and parties can be divided or placed together which helps create an agile process for any customer that walks through your door. 


Your pizza restaurant needs a POS system specifically for pizzerias for a multitude of reasons; the benefits, the competitive advantage, overall employee management, delivery driver tracking, inventory management, payment processing management, sales and revenue management, easy-to-use interface, and the possibilities for a customer loyalty program.

Benefits of pizza POS software   

The three most impactful benefits of pizza POS systems are order tracking, ingredient tracking, and cost tracking. In addition to monitoring order entries and order requests, pizza POS systems can help pizzerias track costs for operation, including ingredients and wages. Profit margins for pizza operations need to be monitored and calculated, so having the support of technology makes all the difference. Pizza businesses can receive orders in great quantities and in a relatively short amount of time so management over how this information is received, ordered, and carried out is essential for any pizza operation. 

When it comes to orders, pizzeria POS systems allow for extensive online ordering systems. Online ordering has  become extremely popular in light of industry changes due to COVID-19 and the pandemic. 50% of pizza orders are for carryout and so customers have come to expect options for mobile ordering to ensure a smooth, quick ordering process, whether ordering from a iPad, android, or any other mobile device. In light of the growth in the pizza industry, it is essential to have an accessible means for ordering, especially in standing out from other pizza establishments. 


Advanced ordering is another important benefit and consideration with POS software. Customers can make reservations or orders in advance, especially in preparation for holidays or special events, which gives the business a plan for staffing, ingredients, and product required. Group orders are strategic opportunities for pizzerias; if customers in a large group have a positive experience with a pizza company, there is a higher likelihood that they will be back and recommend the pizza business to other potential customers. 

Competitive advantages of using a purpose built POS software

Pizzeria POS software helps pizza businesses stand out from others from ease of ordering to the customization of the pizza itself. Pizza is a highly customizable food type with a variety of toppings and so the more that a customer can customize the order, the more they will feel satisfied in receiving a product they want. Menu customization with POS systems for pizza businesses is essential. Customers can order pre-designed menu items or customize the specifics of what they would like, including size, crust type, cheese preference, sauce preference, and more. Unlike other types of food businesses, pizzerias operate on a model that encourages customization so your POS system also needs to carry the capacity for customization as well. 


Pizzeria POS software also promotes ongoing customer relationships with new customers through reward systems, transparent pricing, and quick service. Typically, customers can see their receipt that includes the option for tipping and gaining various incentives for ordering. A receipt may detail how many "stars" or "points" a customer has and any special deals or offers they have access to. 

Employee management

POS systems for pizza shops create opportunities for streamlined processes with employees. Employees can utilize the POS system as a way to clock in, clock out, and go on break. Not only functioning as a payment processor, the POS system can track employee hours and overall employee productivity. Through managing and tracking this data, businesses can determine the number of employees needed during shifts and make employee-related decisions in order to boost sales and promote a desirable company culture. Pizza POS systems can support business operators to onboard employees through the easy collection of their information and provision of employee expectations and guidelines. 


In regards to POS system adoption and utilization, POS systems for pizzerias offer easy-to-learn modules for training. Should an employee need additional help, many POS systems offer customer support and guidance for integration into your pizza business. Additionally, customer service support is often included in POS system packaging, and often offered 24/7. 

Delivery driver tracking

Pizzerias considering use of a POS system for pizza restaurants can consider the possibility of integrating their internal system with third party delivery companies like Door Dash, Uber Eats, etc. Alternatively, pizzerias can utilize delivery services in-house. Either way, tracking and order confirmation are new parts of the customer experience. Following an order, the customer can receive notifications about the status of their pizza, the expected delivery time, and the delivery status in real-time. Business operators can ensure productive delivery times, processes, and effective delivery management. 


Delivery driver tracking systems can also help guarantee accurate estimations of delivery times, charges, and orders. Advanced POS tracking systems for pizzerias also can optimize how tickets are shown in the kitchen and by front-of-house staff. This can help distinguish between orders that will be takeout, pickup, or tracked through the delivery system.

Payment processing management

As a point of sale system, businesses can accept payments in real-time. Additionally, businesses can add customizable fields for delivery charges as well as tips for delivery drivers. Payment can be received in a variety of forms, including credit card payment, debit card payment, cash, and more. During the transaction process, customers are able to review the charges, add gratuity, and provide card or payment information for a quick transaction. As a benefit, payment processing fees are included in transactions. 


Customers can be assured that payment transactions are safe, easy, and quick. POS systems for pizza businesses can also capture payments tied to customer identifying information which supports integration with a customer loyalty and rewards programs.


Inventory management

As pizzerias integrate restaurant POS systems in their operations, pizza restaurants can gain a better sense of what menu items are performing well, what items are less popular, and how menu changes drive customer choices. 


Pizza businesses can experiment with special or seasonal menus to see what types of products are most desirable and drive overall sales. Moreover, certain toppings can be added or removed depending on how they fare with customers. As a result, businesses can better control their inventory, maintaining items that are popular with customers and doing away with items that come with a decreased demand. 


Outside of inventory control through customer ordering, some pizzeria POS systems have features that have advanced processes to track actual ingredient stockage at the pizza business. Pizza POS systems can notify operators about low stock in real-time. Automation exists for inventory management as well; you can set-up automatic purchase orders to avoid running out of important ingredients and product. Also within this feature is the function to track waste and inform supply chain development, management, and strategy. 


Another feature that supports inventory management is for pizzeria POS systems that offer recipe management. Recipes can be uploaded into the system with detailed records of all the ingredients required. Operators can use this function to help alter, change, or update existing recipes while developing new recipes that match what ingredients and stock is available. 

Sales and revenue management

As pizzerias are able to track all aspects of business, pizza restaurant operators will be able to gauge overall revenue in real-time, especially with access to sales information, expenses, and employee costs. Pizzeria POS systems offer reporting functions whereby managers and operators can review trends related to their products, price points, and revenue streams. The ability to track sales data is crucial for the survival of pizza businesses; margins tend to be slim in the pizza industry to every area for potential revenue generation or cost-savings is important. For some pizzeria owners, profit margins have increased by 10-16% with the addition of a POS system. 


POS systems are able to generate real-time reporting, especially with sales and revenue, so that pizza businesses can review daily, weekly, and monthly performance. Regular access to these metrics allows for employees to track progress towards overall business operational goals. An added benefit of reporting features on pizza POS systems is that they can operate no matter what your preferred hardware is, whether an iPad or utilizing an android product. 

Easy to use ordering interface

Pizzeria POS systems offer users an experience that is easy-to-use and streamlined for use by all team members, including kitchen staff and drivers. Interfaces enable integration with kitchen display systems so that communication for orders is seamless. On the customer's end for mobile orders, online ordering allows for immediate payment processing. 


Pizza POS systems tend to offer a sleek, modern design that enables a streamlined experience for customers from start to finish. The ability to provide an easy ordering process with a modernized approach will draw and attract customers from all generations. At the end of the day, customers want to enjoy their pizza and a POS system for pizzerias can make this happen. 

Customer rewards program

Pizza lovers tend to be repeat customers and so the capability to launch, maintain, and promote a loyalty program is critical for customer retention and customer loyalty. An aspect of the best pizza POS systems includes the ability to track customer identification so that customers can gain rewards while your pizza operation can gain critical user trends for future marketing efforts. Instead of having to keep a loyalty card, loyalty programs can function through customer information, whether a phone number or credit card. 


Using a pizzeria pos software allows for customers to engage with the pizza business in a variety of ways. For one, customers can be prompted to leave a review after their visit which will give your business feedback on customer satisfaction as well as generate a reputation for quality service. Moreover, a loyalty program can enable customers to access their previous order history for future use. With the launch of a customer rewards program, loyal customers will have an easier time coming back and enjoying their special slice of pizza. 

Are you ready to take the next step with your pizza business and incorporate a POS system into your operations? 

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