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Recruiting ideas for HR professionals

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Successful recruiting to grow company culture and attract top talent

The COVID-19 pandemic, in addition to general shifts in technology, has changed many facets of the job market, including hiring trends, a greater number of open positions, social media recruiting, job fairs, and finding new and creative ways to seek potential candidates. Currently, with a surplus of job postings and job openings at many companies across the United States, businesses and their Human Resource (HR) departments are needing to rethink how to attract the best candidates for their company. To illustrate the shifts happening in the job market, a 2021 study reports that 52% of workers have considered a job change within the last year. Moreover, 44% of this talent pool have actively pursued new positions and have been hired on.

Understanding recruitment

Recruitment is essential to exploring the best talent pool possible and bringing on quality candidates to your company. Whether running a small business or working as an HR professional, it is important that you understand the key aspects and tools to incorporate as part of your hiring strategy and job search process. Recruitment, hiring, and onboarding help create a foundation for long-term success in talent acquisition for your company.

This article will outline effective recruitment strategies that will not only streamline the interview process but also general incentives for long-term retention of employees. The recruitment process extends beyond job ads posted on your company’s career page, resume review tips, or job offers made to qualified candidates. Instead, recruitment is an entire process that is integrated with many touch points at your business. Recruiting software and recruitment metrics can support the modernization of your recruiting process, thereby elevating your approach to hiring on employees who have a strong cultural fit and will remain with your business for the long-term.

Next, let’s look at some recruiting ideas for your small business.

Recruiting ideas for your business

With a smaller pool of candidates coupled with more job openings across the country, it is pertinent for recruiters to bring creative recruitment marketing strategies to secure the hiring of top talent for your company. Companies need to stand out to attract talent who would be a great fit for your team. The ideas listed below outline some ways to approach recruiting to help your company rise above the rest of the competition.

  • Invest and promote your company brand. Strong employer brands in itself is a robust marketing tool to attract candidates who already know about your company, your mission, and vision. This supports conversations with potential employees around how they might be a good fit for your company. Ideally, top candidates will already know about your business and that it would be a great place at which to work. When this is established, you won’t find yourself having to convince candidates to join your company. Instead, they will want to join ahead of time and become a part of your team; and that’s a win-win situation.
  • Design simple and straightforward job applications. Many quality candidates stop completing job applications because they are too complicated and lengthy. One way to mitigate this problem is by designing an application that gathers the most important and necessary information in a simplified way. Job seekers will appreciate the ease and recruiters can then focus on the most important data points in deciding whether to move forward with particular candidates. Other information can be gathered along the way, like through additional interviews or with personality tests, written reflections, etc.
  • Consider emphasizing talent over experience. Traditionally, companies have placed a higher value on candidate experience than raw talent that a candidate may offer. For some companies, like startup businesses, it is helpful to bring in candidates who have untapped talent and can help your business stand out from the start. Of course, experience is essential. However, many times employees who don’t have long-term experience are looked over, and with that, their abilities and skills go unnoticed. Perhaps certain candidates have specific life experiences that can bring added value to your company. These types of qualities are often unique and can position your company to have a more diverse and powerful workforce.
  • Implement the right interview process. Incorporating unique and fun parts of the interview process will help candidates feel more at ease. Usually, the more traditional interviews can make employees feel nervous. If you offer interviews in non-traditional places or utilize different types of questions, you might be able to see more of the candidates’ true personality in addition to their skills and knowledge base. It is also important to consider implementing a multi-round interview process with different members from various teams. This will help ensure the candidate can work with other team members and provide more information about their technical skill sets, too. It is noteworthy that even video interviews can incorporate creative questions and positive situations that the candidate can experience as they consider joining your company.
  • Create job posts that reflect your company. Your job post is most likely the first impression potential candidates will have of your company. And first impressions can make or break someone deciding to apply for one of your jobs. You want the posts to be professional and organized while at the same time reflecting the culture of your company. This recruitment strategy will not only increase the chances of attracting more applicants, but will also attract qualified candidates who will fit in with your company culture.
  • Use pay transparency and offer a competitive compensation package. As you pull together a job description for a position you would like to make available at your business, it is essential to complete market research on similar positions in the geographical area where your business resides. You want to make sure you are paying a competitive wage and providing competitive benefits. If you don’t offer something that is aligned with other companies, there’s a chance that prospective employees will look elsewhere. In addition, you should practice direct communication with candidates about your employment packages, specifically what perks you might offer, or reasons why you may not offer some types of pay or benefits. In those cases, be sure to speak to other intangible benefits (like flexibility or autonomy) that might make up for those gaps. It is worth noting that if you are able to offer a desirable package from the very start, you can expect less negotiation and a more streamlined process from job offer to onboarding.
  • Incorporate employee referrals as a primary source for quality candidates. 96% of companies with 10,000 employees or more, and 80% of companies with fewer than 100 employees report using employee referrals as the top source of new hires. Using this as a resource, it can be helpful to think about every current employee at your company functioning like a recruiter. They are in the best position to promote your company, speak to the day-to-day operations, and draw high quality candidates to your business. In order for this resource to be successful, it is imperative that your business compensates or rewards employees through an employee referral program. Consider paying a rate that you would offer to a job search consultant. If the incentive is high enough, you may see an increase in higher quality candidates coming through the door and into the interview process.
  • Welcome the use of technology. Especially in today’s business world, the use of technology in the recruitment process can reduce time spent completing manual processes. For example, if using an applicant tracking system (ATS), you can automate the review of resumes. Technology can also help you expand your reach for hiring candidates. For example, with the use of social media (especially LinkedIn), you may be able to target your search to specific areas and to job seekers with certain skill sets. Some recruitment marketing approaches also leverage analytics that can help you understand the effectiveness of your recruiting approaches.
  • Initiate relationships with education systems. New graduates create a market filled with potential job seekers who are looking to land a long-term career position. Building relationships with schools can include partnering with career counseling centers and attending job fairs or internship fairs for prospective employees to learn about your company. New graduates bring skill sets and training that will help your company be at the cutting edge of innovation and technology.
  • Consider implementing remote work opportunities. For employees who may be high-level candidates at your company but don’t want to relocate, you may be able to offer a remote position. This will help you expand your market area of talent while also expanding your company’s area of operations. Remote work is in high-demand since work changes occurred with the COVID-19 pandemic. Another option is to consider offering employees hybrid working models where they can spend some time working at the office and some time working from home.

An added plus: retaining top talent

Not only is it important for businesses like yours to make the right hire, but it’s just as important to retain top talent which, among other positives, creates a more stable, productive workforce. In fact, according to one report, 46% of new hires leave the company within 18 months.

However, through implementing some of the aforementioned recruitment strategies, your company will not only position itself to stand out to qualified candidates and bring in the best talent for your company, but the odds of retaining them will increase.

Using these strategies may require a re-working of the approach your recruiters and HR department have been using. However, incorporating new approaches and technology may be just what your company’s hiring process needs in a market that is saturated with job opportunities.

Next steps

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