Clothing and Retail POS technology
tailored for you

Small fashion boutique or multi-location franchise, you deserve a point of sale system that will help you run a more profitable clothing store.

Engage, convert, retain and grow — profitably

A customer handing out her credit card at a retail store
Enhance every customer experience

Keep lines moving and sales associates in high spirits with an easy-to-learn and effortless-to-operate POS for apparel stores.

Retail technology solution, point of sale close up
Make better decisions with real-time insight

Use reports to identify best sellers, poorest performers, loyal customers and serial returners so you can respond quickly.

A store employee scanning merchandise with a mobile device of retail technology solutions and point of sale
Stock the best styles for the best price

Make the most of every SKU with robust inventory features like omnichannel inventory management, transfers and reorder points.

A customer showing her mobile phone to a retail worker
Supercharge customer loyalty

Collect customer data in the CRM and use it to boost retention with purchase history-based email marketing and loyalty programs.

Desk featuring office supplies and mobile retail technology solution device
Say hello to more purchasing power

Bring your iPad to market and use sales data to negotiate with vendors. Then, build purchase orders from the showroom floor.

Retail technology solution and point of sale set up in a retail store
Sync your online and offline channels

Connect your boutique and online store with ecommerce platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce that integrate with POS software.


Turn browsers into buyers with flexible payment options, like gift cards, that you can accept from anywhere in the store (or world).


Streamline and speed up HR tasks so you can spend more time focusing on buying, selling, marketing and customer support.

Capital lending

Need funds to secure the best POS features? Get financing quickly and seamlessly — capital will be at your disposal in 48 hours.

Close up of retail point of sale screen and a mobile phone with the ecommerce solution

Don’t stop at point of sale

Once you've chosen your retail clothing store POS, complete your technology stack with solutions for every piece of your retail business — online and offline.

A retailer worker with mobile device scanning merchandise
How to choose a retail POS system
Finding the perfect fit can feel like a daunting task, so start the search by asking these key questions to ensure you are dialed into your store’s unique needs.
A retail worker working on a laptop
Key POS reports to boost profitability
Good retailers collect data — great retailers are reporting on that data and using it to inform every decision from buying to staffing. Use your point of sale software to run these five reports.
A customer browning books
Meet the five types of retail customers
There are five breeds of shoppers, and training your team on their preferences, habits and what customer loyalty programs they respond to will help tailor their experience and increase spend.

Be the best retailer on the block

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