Sales careers and jobs with limitless rewards

As a Heartland sales professional, you’re rewarded for performance. We’ve had the same sales compensation structure since the inception of our company and believe in compensating professionals for all of the business they sell. Our compensation model offers upfront signing bonuses as well as monthly residual payments and ownership in what you sell.
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We offer three types of income that all have benefits for you:

Training and Support

We want you to succeed and start earning money from day one, which is why we offer some of the most robust training and support in the industry. Heartland provides shoulder-to-shoulder training with managers and intensive development with sales mentors who are deeply invested in your success. These resources include:

On-demand training

A library of engaging training materials ready for you from day one.

One-on-one sales mentor training

In-depth, personalized training on Heartland’s unique, distinctive offerings.

Manager-led training

In-the-field training provides real-time feedback to ensure you have every opportunity to build new skills.

Group classes

Collaborative sessions with peers reinforce skills and provide tips for advancement.


This collection of best practices and proven methodologies provide a foundational framework for every aspect of the sales process.

National insight calls

Bi-monthly calls keep you updated on relevant and helpful topics.


A software tool designed to sell, this platform assists you in prospecting, lead generation, on-the-spot financial analysis and more.

Leadership development program

Designed for leaders who have the desire and capability to become a vice president, this program teaches the ins and outs of senior leadership.

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