Advantages Value-Added POS Resellers Bring to Small Businesses

By Andre Nataf
Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Have you ever thought about the value a Dealer brings or wondered why another way of referring to a Heartland Dealer is as a VAR value-added reseller or POS? Over the years, a Dealer’s value has dramatically changed, and that change has involved guesswork for many. Some made bad guesses and wrote themselves out of the business. Others have seen immense success in this season. For most of us, it’s been an opportunity to reshape ourselves and survive. 

An early mentor of mine once said, “In the technology business the only constant is change,” and was she ever right. Back then the world evolved much slower; but even so, technology had already established itself as a catalyst for change in other industries. So it makes sense that within the technology industry, the change would continue on forever. The people driven to change the world would not be satisfied with minimal evolution within their own businesses. No, they would have to constantly reinvent themselves. The rate of technology’s transformation has advanced to the point where some products last only weeks on the market, or never make it out at all, before something better is designed. To be safe, many companies settle for copying one another.

What does this have to do with value-added resellers?


Well, everything, in the sense that you are a consultant who helps retail and restaurant businesses navigate the constant change and make sure you protect them from what they are not equipped to navigate. It is a daunting challenge to understand their business, your marketplace and then align your products and services to create value. Yes, being a value-added POS reseller is no easy task, but it can be very lucrative and rewarding.

It is my opinion that this has always been the value-based reseller's challenge: how do you make it more valuable for the business owner to buy — and continue buying — from you, while also creating an evergreen, win-win relationship? From forcing punitive contracts on business owners to smoke and mirrors, it’s all been tried. In the end, respecting your small business owners business owners and viewing business from their perspective as an SMB yourself is the only thing that works long term. How would you want to be treated if your business needed POS technology, but you felt overwhelmed by offers and options?


Advantages of working as a value-added POS reseller

Dealers have a huge advantage here. They know the community they serve, often coming from the industry they now focus on. Small businesses buying from other small neighborhood businesses like and need 24-hour competent support. Even if they buy most things online, support for their mission-critical systems is not one of them. If business owners are not careful their employees may understand the technology better than they do, which can lead to a lack of control.

So the answer to the question, “What is your value in this ever-changing world?” Invaluable. For businesses that recognize this from past bad experiences buying directly, it is non-arguable. Your success depends on being able to explain, demonstrate and execute on the value you bring. 

You are a business advocate, a POS superhero, a consultant, a VAR, and we call you a Heartland Dealer.

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