Heartland and Springboard: Better Together

Thursday, February 04, 2021

Springboard and Heartland.

Is it the most obvious pairing? Maybe not, though ask anyone a decade ago if they’d put pumpkin-flavored spices in their coffee and they’d think you were nuts. Yet unlike these millennial food trends we’ve all grown sick of, Springboard Retail and Heartland POS is a duo that will only get better with age.

Picture this: Springboard Retail’s best-in-class point of sale features, design and support, coupled with Heartland’s industry prominence and complete suite of financial technology solutions.

Experience all the Benefits of Springboard

Cloud-based omnichannel functionality, transparent pricing and the option to integrate with Heartland Payments for seamless and secure processing make it clear why over 2,500 merchants have chosen Heartland Retail as their point of sale partner.

The software may no longer be called Springboard, but it’s still your springboard—here to help you dive confidently into a new year, with a retail management system that allows you to work from anywhere, and your customers to shop from anywhere.

We know last year was unlike any before it, filled with unique challenges and constant pivots. But we also know that you as the retailer are resilient, and this is only the beginning of your comeback story. Let’s “spring up” together with the Heartland family by your side!

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