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How to pick the right POS system for your laundry business

Saturday, December 06, 2014

A laundry POS system is a point of sale system designed for use in laundromat business operations. Laundry POS systems are computer-based cash register systems that utilize a touchscreen and offer integrated credit card processing, a cash drawer, and receipt printer. POS systems can be accessed directly within the laundry machines (washers or dryers) or can exist separately from the laundry equipment, such as at a kiosk.

Laundry payment systems can manage mobile payments and other payment options, real-time data on machine availability, and use of a laundry card for frequent customers. Laundry POS systems can also enable contactless payments and streamline data of overall business operations. 

An overview of the various types of laundry payment systems

Coin vs card

Coin operated payment systems have been the traditional payment method for laundry services. Coin laundry has its benefits, especially for one-time customers who don't return to the business in the future. Coins are readily available as well, which provides easy access to laundry machines. Many commercial laundry businesses continue to operate with coin machines, but with decreasing frequency. Other payment systems are gaining more traction, including card based systems. 

Card based payment systems for laundry use a prepaid laundry card that the business provides to the customer. Prepaid laundry cards can operate as smart cards, where the customer scans the card and money is deducted for the service. Usually, card based systems also allow for coin boxes or coin payment options. 

Outside of pricing flexibility, an important benefit of utilizing a card based payment system is increased security. With coins, business owners must keep money and earnings on site, which can increase the risk of theft. In addition, platforms that only accept prepaid laundry cards and coins lack the added convenience that digitally based laundry solutions offer, including the ability to integrate with mobile apps, mobile wallets, Apple Pay, and automated debit/credit card information. 

Card and mobile pay only systems


Debit card, credit card, or mobile pay only systems are increasingly popular for multi-housing units with a lot of frequent return users. Customers can use card readers to request services and complete transactions. Mobile pay only systems are of particular interest to consumers who prefer to complete transactions on their smartphone, such as with a smartphone app. This way, customers can plan ahead for when they would like to do their laundry, as they have access to important information like what machines are available, the estimated time for service, and the overall cost for the service.


Cashless options for payment require a certain level of functionality with technology and customers’ mobile devices. Users need to know how to utilize a mobile app (if that is the method for payment) or have their card on hand when on site in order to do laundry. 

Benefits of a laundry POS system

  • Security: Laundry POS systems ensure that laundromat assets are protected and secure. Using a cashless laundry POS system, laundry owners and operators do not need to go to the site to retrieve earnings. And even more importantly, laundry POS systems can reduce the risk of vandalism as digital payment systems don’t require coin boxes. 
  • Flexible pricing: Laundry business owners can easily adjust pricing depending on services and any other variables necessary. Variable pricing models enable your laundry business to have dynamic revenue streams and multiple pathways towards profitability. POS systems can help track revenue in real-time, so you can make pricing adjustments based on real-time sales data points. 
  • Customer loyalty programs: Laundry business owners can consider options for customer loyalty programs with laundry POS systems. Loyalty cards, for example, can be tied to customer accounts so that customers can earn points or rewards per visit or per laundry service. 
  • Ease of operations: Laundry POS systems ensure that business owners can automate all aspects of laundromat operations. Automation helps the customer have a quick and seamless experience from start to finish. 

Features to look for when picking a laundry payment system

Some key features to look for in a laundry POS system include reporting functions and overall management systems. With the ability to track sales and revenue information, laundry operators can gauge strategic operational information such as the optimal times for operation, the number of machines needed, and the services in highest demand. Management data can also help operators determine the number of employees necessary at specific times and identify next steps to improve the business’s profitability. 

Ready to improve operations in your laundry business with the right POS system?

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