Introducing Heartland Retail: Point of sale for a new era of retail

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

The retail industry has been shaken up this year—there’s no doubt about it—but we know retailers are resilient. With the right mindset and technology, you’re gearing up for a comeback, reclaiming Main Street and staying competitive despite having to navigate a “new normal.” How? By investing in tools that allow you to quickly respond to changing market conditions, meet customers wherever they shop, and deliver real-time business insight. 

Heartland Retail is a powerful new point of sale that was purpose-built for multi-channel retailers. Designed out of our frustration with not being able to find a modern, user-friendly and data-centric POS that supported a growing retail business, Heartland Retail was created.

More About Heartland Retail

Arm yourself with the features necessary to face not only the current retail environment’s challenges but all of the other pain points that have been keeping your business from growing profitably. 

Cloud-Based Point of Sale

Empower sales associates and delight customers with a powerful and intuitive mobile POS. Check out customers from anywhere in the store, keep an eye on sales versus plan or sales versus last year, and view inventory across stores for easy orders and transfers.

Omnichannel Inventory Management

Whether you’re running one store or 100, manage all of your inventory effectively with real-time visibility, multi-channel order distribution, partial and full-cycle counts, transfer management, and more.

Customer Management

Make every customer your biggest fan by engaging them personally with data-driven insight delivered through advanced customer dashboards. Keep them coming back through powerful promotions tools and integrations with top marketing and loyalty platforms.

Real-Time Analytics & Custom Reporting

Unlimited custom fields and reports allow you to detect trends, pivot quickly when things aren't selling or simply understand your customers like never before. Even better: Access it in real-time from anywhere, on any device.

Purchasing & Receiving

Land the right products at the right time for the right price. With cloud-based data and mobile capabilities, Heartland Retail will be your partner on the road at buying shows—create purchase orders and negotiate with vendors on the fly. 


It’s never been more important to diversify your selling channels. Heartland Retail integrates with multiple e-commerce platforms, so you can deliver your customers a seamless experience, no matter where or how they shop. 

Life’s too short to hate your point of sale: Learn more about the solution that is helping retailers grow profitably every day: Watch a quick demo or book a consultation

Heartland is the point of sale, payments and payroll solution of choice for entrepreneurs that need human-centered technology to sell more, keep customers coming back and spend less time in the back office. Nearly 1,000,000 businesses trust us to guide them through market changes and technology challenges, so they can stay competitive and focus on building remarkable businesses instead of managing the daily grind. Learn more at